walking your dog at night

Walking your dog at night? Sounds simple enough, right! However, if you don’t know how or what safety tips to follow, the experience can become a nightmare. Like for example, what if your pooch decides to break away from your leash and disappears into the night?

Knock on wood, but it’s been known to happen without warning. So don’t take safety tips for granted. By walking your dog at night with all the safety precautions taken, you and your beloved pet can have a marvelous time bonding.

The Relativity of Location

If you’re like Little Red Riding Hood who needs to cross a wild and deep forest just to walk your dog at night safely, the safety tips are all red flags. However, if you’re doing it in a gentrified urban area, walking your dog at night is no big deal.

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Such a condition doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t take all the necessary precautions.

Walking Your Dog at Night with Reflective Fashion: Bravo!

It’s not only fashionable — it’s the safe thing to do anywhere you are. By all means, you don’t have to overdo it, but wearing reflective elements here and there will land you a high safety rating or score along roads and sidewalks. Ignore the safety tips, and you’re out on your own taking unnecessary risks at night.

Safety Tips: To See Is to Believe

You just never know when an accident can occur while you are walking your dog at night. Drivers may not be paying attention even when you are. You have to assume the worse to ensure you and your pup’s safety out there. Stay on top of the game and be two or three steps ahead.

Bring Your Phone When Walking Your Dog at Night

Well, not to chit chat with your BFF while giving your best friend a much-needed break or to answer the call of nature. Rather, it’s for your own safety. Don’t be chasing payphones, just to dial 911 when danger strikes. You know how Murphy’s law works.

When Nighttime Dog Walks aren’t a Walk in the Park

Other dogs, especially the big ones being walked as well, can pose trouble when you least expect. Plus, there can be squirrels, mice, and worse, skunks running around your favorite night stroll.

The antidote? Be loud, so you don’t surprise creatures of the night. A flashlight would be excellent!

Walking Your Dog at Night

Unleashed? Bad, bad idea. Here’s why. No matter how well behaved your pet is, there are times when moodiness sets in. Also, a man’s or woman’s best friend can get easily excited, agitated, or made more adventurous in the presence or passing of some other animals, especially a cat or a rabbit.

Other Safety Tips

Unleash, maybe, during day time. But night time? You’re courting disaster. Just don’t do it.

And here’s another thing that you should never, never do when walking your dog after dark–changing to an unknown route or trail. Do this during day time but certainly not at night time, if you’re looking for more adventure or a change.

Safety tips exist for a reason, so learn to follow all of them when walking your dog at night. It’s not worth the trouble to ignore the basic safety rules. Do you have any other safety tips to add to this article? Let’s help each other out. Time to make walking your dog at night a safe, pleasurable, and worthwhile activity. Woof woof!

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