vegan diet for dogs

Even a veterinary nutritionist finds it a challenge to come up with a vegan diet for dogs. Keep in mind it can’t contain any meat, and yet is healthy enough for them to thrive.

Dogs are able to digest animal matter easily, although their digestive systems are also able to get nutrition from plants.

It’s important to note that vegetables and fruit just don’t have the required daily amounts of protein and fat your dog needs. However, veggies can be ideal for making sure your dog has all the antioxidants and vitamins needed.

A vegan diet for dogs doesn’t really give your pet all the elastin, keratin and collagen that he needs. All of these are needed to ensure healthy joints, muscles, and skin.

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In fact, dogs can easily suffer from malnutrition and other health issues if they’re given a vegan diet for dogs that isn’t carefully supervised by a licensed and expert veterinary nutritionist.

If You’re Vegan, How Should You Feed Your Dog?

If you’re a vegan and you decided to make that choice as you feel it’s healthier, it’s important to realize that your dog won’t get those same health benefits from a vegan diet.

However, these tips can help if you’re a vegan more for ethical reasons, and you’re finding it a challenge to maintaining your principles and coming up with a vegan diet for your dog that’s actually healthy.

vegan diet for dogs
  • Some high-quality dog foods contain dairy or eggs instead of meat, and your vet can give you more information.
  • A fish-based dog food diet may be a reasonable compromise.
  • Vegetables and fruits that have been ethically sourced, and humanely sourced meats are in some better quality dog foods, and it’s worth shopping around for them.
  • A vegan diet for your dog that’s healthy and has all the nutrition they need is possible, although you must talk to your veterinary nutritionist.

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy for Dogs?

Your dog’s health and quality of life should be your main concern, along with his welfare.

A vegan diet for dogs is NOT the best option and in some cases, it can actually be harmful. However, technically the answer to the question of can a dog be a vegan is yes.

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