Knowing the Different Types of Terrier Dogs – There’s a Terrier for Everyone

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A favorite among dog breeds are the different types of Terriers. You are certain to find a friend in this group. Why? Well, in general, you’ll get a good, energetic friend without overwhelming grooming needs. So what is a Terrier anyway? Originally, terriers were bred to kill vermin or were bred specifically for hunting. Now, people have them as companions because they have such great traits. While they may not be so much cuddly as our beloved toy dog breeds, and they may not be among the smartest of dog breeds, but they do have lots to offer.

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Here are Some Popular Types of Terriers of Interest

One that is not aggressive nor timid is the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. This is a confident, spirited, and alert Terrier type.

A Terrier that’s responsive to obedience training and very smart, with a pleasant disposition that’s mixed with bold, witty and affectionate traits is the Parson Russell Terrier. True this is a playful Terrier dog type, but it’s not for everyone. This kind of Terrier can become extremely mischievous without formal obedience training. It’s best for people with previous dog ownership experience who live very active lifestyles and enjoy the energy it brings. However, the Jack Russell Terrier might be a better choice for you!

Alternatively, the Norwich Terrier that is the result of crossing small breeds, like the Yorkshire Terrier, with small Terriers. These are low maintenance dogs. Although they are active and fearless, they can also be quite affectionate. Being such happy dogs makes them good companions.

Norfolk Terriers are much like their Norwich Terrier cousins. They too are fearless but also quite charming. Their physical characteristics may be quite similar, but what sets them apart are the folds in the ears of the Norfolk Terriers which are not traits of the Norwich Terrier.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is excellent for owners who live on farms or have lots of acreages for them to run. They also make excellent watchdogs.

Wire Fox Terriers are strong and fast. They are agile and alert. As such, wire Fox Terriers need formal training and an adequate amount of daily exercise to keep them out of trouble.

For city or country living, the Smooth Fox Terriers are ideal. These energetic dogs are both intelligent and clever. These dogs respond well to training and are quite affectionate.

Watch Out for Aggressive Terriers

Although these are just examples of the many Terrier dogs that exist, there are plenty of other Terriers you may consider adopting. Overall, Terriers are good pets with good dispositions. Many can be affectionate and can become very attached to their owners, although there are some terriers known to be more aggressive. The more aggressive types of terriers are not ideal dog breed for every dog owner or family. Finally, for anyone looking to adopt a Terrier, it’s important to know that many of these dogs are incredibly dynamic and require a lot of attention from their owners as well as a lot of exercise.


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