tips for buying dog toys

There are plenty of choices when it comes to toys for dogs, and they can be as much fun for the owner as they are for the dog. For one thing, they keep your pet occupied for a while, which is good when you have something important to do or just want some quiet time. These tips for buying dog toys will definitely help you get more bang for your buck.

Dog Toys – More than Just for Fun

If your dog has separation anxiety, gets bored easily or chews things in your home, dog toys can be an ideal distraction. They also play an important part in a puppy’s mental and emotional development.

Having plenty of dog toys in your home when you acquire a new puppy is one thing that most dog trainers will suggest to you.

One of the top tips for dog toys is to have a variety of different toys available; that gives you a good idea of what types of toys your pet prefers.

Some of the answers might surprise you. A stuffed animal is often the preferred toy of a 90 pound German Shepherd, for example.

3 Tips for Dog Toys

Dog owners should have three different sets of toys on hand, according to behaviorists and dog trainers.

Primary dog toys are those that can be used to minimize separation anxiety. Your dog will associate these toys with you not being there and they should become his favorite toys.

If you’re at home with your dog, put away all the primary toys and put out another set of toys. These are known as secondary toys.

The 3rd group of dog toys should be swapped with the primary toys every few days; doing this keeps your dog interested. Buying dog toys that don’t have small parts that can be a choking hazard is one of the responsibilities of being a pet owner. And don’t forget to buy toys that are appropriate to your dog’s overall build and size.