Things to Do With Your Dog in the Fall – Fun Fall Activities

things to do with your dog in the fall

These fun things to do with your dog in the fall means you don’t have to stay indoors just because it’s a little cooler and the leaves are starting to fall. In fact, there are things you can do with your pet that the other seasons just don’t offer.

A Nature Hike

It’s the ideal time of year to be outside – not too hot, and the leaves are changing their colors. How amazing!

Your puppy will be as excited about going for a walk as you probably are! A variety of intriguing new smells can be enjoyed during the fall season. And walking is a great way to experience them.

Your dog has a limited color range that he is able to see, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the most from his sense of smell.

Look for fun things to do with your dog, like festivals and events as an excuse to get outside, if you don’t have a lot of nature walks where you live in the town or city. A walk that is fun and benefits local rescue organizations and shelters is Strut Your Mutt, organized by Best Friends Animal Society.

Take a Vacation with Your Dog

Many people are planning for the holidays or busy with getting the kids back to school. That means fewer people go on vacation during the fall! Prices are often lower for accommodation and flights, making it the perfect time to take your dog somewhere.

Escaping from the stresses of daily life can be refreshing, and there are plenty of hotels that welcome dogs, all over the U.S., Canada, and other countries, too.

Go To An Apple Orchard

Check with your local orchard before heading out to see if they allow dogs, although many do. This is one of the many things to do with your dog in the fall that makes memories. It’s a great way to spend time with your pet in the cooler, crisp air and of course pick some apples.

Be careful, as the seeds, as well as the core of an apple can lead to gastrointestinal blockages and possible choking, although slices of apple can freshen your dog’s breath and help clean his teeth.

Trick Or Treating

If your dog is comfortable with it, Halloween can be fun for both of you; more so if you have some kids to go trick or treating with. And if you get dogs at your door, be sure to get some dog treats in stock along with the candy. Oh, and be sure to invest in a dog Halloween costume.

Tell us your favorite things to do with your dog in the fall.

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