Therapy Dogs at Vancouver International Airport – Canada Steps Up to the Plate Once Again

Therapy Dogs at Vancouver International Airport

It seems like Canadians are always shining bright in the spotlight with their politeness, their young (and attractive Prime Minister), and now this! Travelers will find therapy dogs at Vancouver International Airport to comfort them at what can be a stressful time for many travelers.

Therapy Dogs at Vancouver International Airport


These ambassador dogs will provide a whole new way in which to manage flying stress and anxiety. The airport is employing seven therapy dogs in association with St. John’s Ambulance right at the arrival terminal on weekdays.

Of course, these therapy dogs will be with handlers all the time. The dogs have been greeting passengers since December 2016, and so far, it’s a positive experience for all.

Certainly, there are concerns that the dogs may be caused undue stress, being in such a busy place. Therapy dogs are continuously being introduced to various venues. Such venues include hospitals and universities, and for the most part, have brought the desired results.

Caring for dogs and ensuring their well-being is being monitored is imperative, but we believe this is a great addition to any airport. What do you think?