Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite – Teaching Bite Inhibition

teach your puppy not to bite

When it comes to dog training there are lots of things you need to teach a puppy. One is to teach your puppy not to bite,  which is also called bite inhibition.

In a dog’s world, each puppy learns from other dogs. As puppies play-fight, they use the experience to learn not to bite down too hard. If a puppy is bitten too hard while playing, it will yelp. In doing so, it lets the other one know that it was too much, and its opting out of play.

This teaches puppies that if they want play to continue, they need to use their mouths gently. That’s what bite inhibition is all about. With that, you as a dog owner can learn how to teach your puppy not to bite.

Reinforce Bite Inhibition

Reinforce bite inhibition when you play with your puppy.

It’s inevitable that your puppy will mouth, and when it does, respond by letting out a yelp sound or saying ‘Ouch!’

Pair the vocal response with a withdrawal from play. Just ignore your pup for a couple of minutes. Then re-enter play by first asking your puppy to sit, so that you demonstrate control, and then continuing with play.

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Even time-outs can be used with puppies!

If you see your pup is ignoring your yelp and continuing to bite too hard, move to a time-out. End the current game by leaving the room and letting your puppy be alone for a few minutes.

You’re reinforcing what your puppy learns from other dogs. When biting gets too hard, the game has to stop.

Be sure to teach your children how to respond to this behavior. It’s important that everyone in the family provide consistent responses to your puppy during the learning curve.

When you teach your puppy not to bite, this bite inhibition ensures that Fido or Fifi understand that they need to treat humans gently.

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