Most people keep their dogs on a leash, but it’s not uncommon for a dog to stray and approach an unsuspecting pedestrian. A loose dog is certainly a big problem, not only for you but also your dog, regardless of its size.

How to Handle An Aggressive Dog While Walking Your Dog

A large aggressive dog can kill a small dog, and no one wants that. The truth is no one is certain of how one dog will react toward another. Therefore, it is imperative that a dog owner knows how to deal with a strange aggressive dog while out walking a dog.

If the dog is with an owner but not on a leash, perhaps, in a nice way, you can suggest that he always keeps his dog on a leash when others are around.

However, if you are ever so slightly worried or concerned about being approached by an aggressive dog while walking your dog, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your furry friend.

Carry Dog Spray or Pepper Spray

Stay within the limits of the law because pepper spray can be illegal in certain areas. However, dog spray is legal, and it can protect you both. It will stop an initial attack by causing the dog some discomfort. This may also deter him from being aggressive toward you in the future. It is an extreme measure, so it should be used with care. Most feel that it’s best to cause a little bit of discomfort to an aggressive dog rather than have to deal with an attack that could cause physical scars or even a fatality.

Invest in Personal Alarms

Personal alarms or ultrasonic alarms can scare off a dog. A personal alarm will attract a lot of attention because it’s loud and humans can hear it. On the other hand, ultrasonic alarms let out an unpleasant sound that is only heard by dogs. It offers that added bit of protection without causing the other dog any harm.

A Baton or a Stick

If an aggressive dog approaches, you can deter an attack on you or your dog simply by waving the stick at the strange dog. It can also be used to protect you if it does turn into a full-blown physical attack.

Finally, any tactic you decide on to protect yourself and your dog is a good one, so long as you are not intentionally hurting another dog. Once you are out of danger, call the authorities to pick up this dog immediately as it may hurt someone else.


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