how to show your dogs that you love them

Who doesn’t love their dog? Most of us adore our dogs, but do you know how to show your dogs that you love them?

How many of you can’t wait to walk through that door to see him jump for joy just because you’re back? It’s the highlight of many dog owners’ days as we get to know that they love us through their excitement because we just came back home.

Our dogs love us like crazy, and they show their families that they love them throughout the day.

Sure, you want to put your arms around them and squeeze real tight–the way we hug our children when we pick them up from daycare, but dogs aren’t always happy about being hugged.

Humans express affection through hugs, but that’s not a natural way for dogs to show love and affection. In fact, some dogs see hugs as a threat, especially when they feel trapped.

And, we all know that our dogs will do anything for treats, but too much of that is a whole other problem that can lead to health issues and, of course, weight gain.

How to Show Your Dogs That You Love Them

Scratch Behind Your Dog’s Ears

You don’t have to be an expert in dogs to know that our fur babies love it. You can tell because they lean into your hand as you rub them. That’s because this area is full of nerve endings that send impulses throughout the dog’s body, which leads to triggering the release of hormones known as endorphins.

These hormones are natural painkillers and act like a natural drug that’s released when pups feel loved. So, show your dog you love him by rubbing his ears.


Be a good listener because that’ll make you a better pet parent. Dogs make sounds for different reasons, and often, to get your attention. Your job is to listen attentively to understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

In doing so, your dog will trust you more–a sure way to strengthen your relationship.

When you listen, make sure you’re looking attentively as well as using body language.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement and training is a way to show your dog you love him. Nothing will make a dog thrive more than learning and structure, helping create a better relationship with your dog.

Give him lots of praise, food, and even play rewards when training your dog using positive reinforcement. This will work to motivate him. You will eventually be associated with everything he loves, and he’ll try to make you happy so that he’ll be happy with his rewards.

Talk to Your Dog

According to one study, dogs do understand some of the things we are saying. The study involved using an MRI scanner, testing dogs that heard praising tones and words of praise. The result: dogs experienced happiness with both tone and words, going beyond our initial beliefs.

So, be sure to tell your fur babies how you adore them because they probably understand. Shine as a dog parent by learning how to show your dogs that you love them.

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