robotic nose

Medical detection dogs will be saving lives soon, as they sniff out lethal cancerous tumors.

You’ll never believe what incredible things dogs are being trained to do. They keep demonstrating just how important they are to humans. In this case, they are being trained to detect aggressive forms of prostate cancer!

The Robotic Nose

In doing so, they are potentially helping researchers develop what the study claims to be a “robotic nose” in the future. This is really serious! MIT has studied the sniffing ability of one of the dogs in an effort to build the robotic nose device.

Researchers in an international research program used two specially trained dogs (by Medical Detection Dogs)–a Labrador and a Vizsla, to find tumors that were the most lethal.

According to the group’s founder, Clare Guest, the dogs were able to sniff out the very aggressive, lethal cancers. This could lead to saving millions of lives in the future.

In the medical community, a blood test is used to measure the PSA, which is a protein made by the prostate gland. Unfortunately, this test is not 100% accurate.

On the other hand, these hero dogs identified positive samples over 70% of the time when detecting prostate cancers of the most lethal types.

What’s more is that the dogs simply ignored samples that were negative!

So, this robotic nose is being developed. It will be an electronic device replicating the dogs’ sniffing ability. Eventually, it will be a smartphone app available to everyone.

Just imagine this breakthrough–at first it will detect prostate cancer and eventually, the same technology will be applied to detect other diseases. WOW! And we have dogs to thank for it.

Let’s not forget that dogs are also being trained to detect coronavirus.