closeup photography of woman holding adult golden retriever

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, so it’s your time to shine and be the best dog parent you can be. Hey, we all make mistakes even when we’re trying our best, so try using these five tips:

We are only human, but sometimes mistakes can hurt your dog.

  1. Exercise

Some of us try to get out there and move, but with so many other responsibilities, it can be hard to get your dog the right amount of exercise he needs.

Still, remember that exercise is crucial to your health as well as that of your dog’s. You want to ensure that your dog isn’t gaining weight because that can impact his life and even shorten it.

Keeping your dog active helps you two bond–whether by walking or playing with him. Combined, it will keep him not only physically fit but also mentally fit.

  1. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is entirely a dog parent’s responsibility. Just like exercise, it can impact the dog’s overall health and longevity.

What you need to know: feed your dog a healthy kibble–high-quality food will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive food you can buy, but a better quality kibble/food ensures your dog gets all the necessary nutrients.

Snacks can be easy and inexpensive if you choose healthy vegetables. Not only are they loaded with those essential nutrients, they quickly make a great supplement because they’re DELICIOUS!

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Vegetables are usually low in sugar, unlike dog treats that are processed.

However, make sure that you check out the list of human foods that are toxic to dogs, so you don’t make a mistake.

  1. Hygiene

Your dog’s hygiene is vital to his optimal health. Though he may not be too enthusiastic about getting in the tub, it must be done, as should clipping his nails, and brushing his teeth and coat.

Dental care is crucial because dental disease is a common problem with dogs and contributes to other health issues.

  1. Dog Proofing the Home

While you might have done everything regarding puppy proofing the backyard and the inside of your home, keeping up that practice is essential to ensure your dog’s safety and well-being.

You must think of your dog as being a two-year-old child even if he’s eight years old. As such:

  • Keep cleaners and other chemicals out of your dog’s reach.
  • Keep the garbage can closed.
  • Keep an eye out for any small items that could be harmful to him if swallowed.
  • Keep the garden gate closed so that he doesn’t escape or wander off.
  1. Vaccinations

Vaccines are vital and will protect dogs from various strains of diseases that could kill your dog. So, make sure your dog’s vaccines are up to date and remember that requirements vary from one location to another.