why pet insurance companies fail dog owners

If you’re like most people, then you are likely to treat your dog like a member of your family. As such, you’ll want to be covered in some way in order to provide medical treatment to keep costs down. Many are turning to pet insurance companies, which have been around for several decades.

Thankfully, there have been improvements to the various policies. So, now dog owners don’t spend their money aimlessly.

Vet bills can really be troubling, and no loving pet owners should have to worry about what medical issue may arise in the future. Smart consumers need to know how to purchase pet insurance to get the most bang for their buck.

why pet insurance companies fail dog owners

From the get-go, you may or may not notice that there are exclusions to every policy.

The pet insurance policy exclusions differ from insurer to insurer, and from breed to breed.

9 Reasons Why Pet Insurance Companies Fail Dog Owners

  1. Hereditary conditions of a breed.
  2. Behavioral issues.
  3. Any claims made within the first 30 days of the policy.
  4. Illnesses which arise due to pregnancy.
  5. Pregnancy and the process of giving birth.
  6. Travelling outside your country of residence
  7. Dental treatment.
  8. Working dogs and guard dogs.
  9. Maximum payout by insurers.

The above are just a few examples of what can be excluded, although there could be more, depending on the individual insurer.

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Pet insurance companies also provide lifetime insurance policies. So, lifelong pet health insurance coverage exists, as long as dog owners pay their premiums accordingly.

Pet Insurance for Senior Dogs

As dogs age, fixed term insurance policies become difficult to find. Insurers understand that, with age, dogs require more veterinary care. They will likely be susceptible to more illnesses and diseases, so look into getting a long-term pet insurance plan.

With numerous advances in veterinary care, various types of pet treatments exist, other than surgery, including, but not limited to:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture

Although these alternative forms of treatments help to keep dogs healthy, they typically come at a high cost. As such, many pet owners avoid them.

The good news is that numerous pet insurance companies include some of them, with certain limitations. However, each policy differs! Be sure to understand the terms offered for the agreed upon premiums. Read each and every term and condition to fully understand the coverage.

Pet Insurance and Travelling with Your Dog

Travelling abroad with your pet is certainly allowed, but you would likely have to get added pet insurance to provide coverage in a foreign country. Again, read all the terms and conditions.

Certain pet health insurance policies provide dog dental treatment coverage. If they don’t, there are tailored policies that are quite affordable to cover only dental care for dogs.

Is Pet Health Insurance Worth It?

While you may think that the entire pet health insurance industry is a farce, think again. It may not cover everything, but it does provide coverage for numerous illnesses and diseases, as well as emergency treatments and surgeries.

A smart consumer calculates the pros and cons of any purchase, and especially when it comes to an insurance policy. The wise shopper reads and understands the coverage, exclusions, and limitations. In doing so, a dog owner won’t be subjected to any unpleasant, and expensive, surprises.

A small monthly payment or an annual lump sum payment is affordable, but a $5,000 pet medical bill may be too much to bear! Consider your options with the different policies of pet insurance companies.

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