Puppy Walking Tips

A walk for your puppy presents many opportunities, in addition to giving him fresh air and a chance to go to the bathroom. Walking your puppy allows him to be introduced to strangers, unknown places, and brand-new things. This is your puppy’s opportunity to become accustomed with a society and what goes on outside of the confines of their home. It also stimulates puppies physically and mentally. But, there’s a wrong way and a right way to do it, and these puppy walking tips will help you raise a well-behaved dog.

Puppy Walking Tips

Why Is Walking Your Puppy so Important?

It’s all about socializing your puppy! Through socializing, your puppy learns ways to interact with the world. This includes seeing wildlife and being witness to numerous different scents. Between 3¬†and 12 weeks of age, this is a very sensitive learning period for puppy who gets to meet new people, different animals, and actually gets the benefit of different experiences. This is your opportunity to shine as a leader so that your puppy learns what’s normal and what is acceptable. This is a particularly sensitive age because of the curiosity puppies possess. As such, they should be provided many good experiences including pleasant sounds, happy people, nonthreatening animals and so on. In doing so, they will develop solid coping skills as adults.

Puppy Walking Tips Begin With Socializing

The walk with your puppy is about socialization and exploration. It is not about an intense workout. Socializing is a very important part of a puppy’s life and should continue into and throughout adulthood. In maintaining this socialization for about two years, it will help store daily life experiences in the archives of his mind. These particular archives will be helpful as he grows because he will have various experiences to relate to should he ever be in a situation that requires him to act a certain way.

Dog Training Tips

Puppy on the walk gets a good amount of physical exercise as well as a bonding experience with you. Make it as pleasant as you can, as there are some things that could scare your pup. It’s your job to teach your puppy about the world and help him adjust to it. You can also use this time walking your puppy for early training.

It is almost certain that your puppy will not be able to display any self-control because there is so much excitement and curiosity about everything and everyone. Take it easy and don’t be hasty with the training exercises. Sometimes dog owners need to understand the why and the when before all else. Be friendly but be firm and use these puppy walking tips to raise a well-behaved dog.