puppy proofing tips

It’s crucial to keep your puppy safe from all sorts of hazards. Sometimes we don’t think of the dangers that they may face, in the same manner, that we don’t think of certain risks babies and toddlers encounter. But, these puppy proofing tips for the backyard will prove very helpful.

We live and we learn. Thankfully, experts are out there to open our eyes and keep our children and our fur babies out of danger.

Puppy Proofing Backyard Tips

In the backyard, there are lots of dangers lurking that could cause potential harm or even death to your little puppy. So, it’s important to be diligent when puppy-proofing the backyard.

Unless you are willing to spend all your time outdoors with your pup in the backyard, it’s vital to get cracking on providing him a very safe place in which to play in the outdoors.

Puppy Proofing Tips Mean Removing Poisonous Plants

Puppy proofing backyard tips involve thinking of everything in the entire yard, from poisonous plants to safeguarding the fence.

puppy proofing tips
Plants toxic to dogs

Basking in the sunshine and smelling the fresh air is part of what puppies love to do outdoors. However, there are numerous hazards for puppies aside from all the damage that they can do.

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What you’ll need to do is get down on all fours, and possibly even lower — about the height of your puppy — and look at everything around. This will give you a better look as to what he can see and what he may get into.

Start off by Identifying Dangerous Objects

Puppies can chew and swallow various items, from gardening gloves to kids toys. Consider any lawn fertilizer left behind that may poison him or mulch that he can choke on.

Always remember that puppies will chew on almost anything, including, and not limited to, shovels, garden tools, and other dangerous items. Be sure to lock them away in a place where he can’t get into them.

puppy proofing tips

Crawl Spaces Are an Accident Waiting to Happen

Not all homes have crawl spaces, but if yours has one, it is imperative that you securely block it off to prohibit your puppy from getting inside. A puppy can get into all kinds of trouble underneath the house! You may even have a hard time getting him out.

Securing the Fence

  • Carefully inspect the entire fence surrounding the property.
  • Look for gaps through which your puppy can get through and escape.
  • Also check the base of the fencing, as dips in the ground could provide an easy escape route for your puppy.
  • Block off and correct any areas that would lead him to run away and get lost.

Very often, quick fixes are only temporary since dogs grow very quickly. Having said that, it is important to consider that the fence should be high enough to protect him from jumping over it when he grows.

puppy proofing tips

Removing Backyard Objects that Could Kill a Puppy

Just like babies, puppies put everything in their mouths. They will bite and chew virtually anything, including vegetation. There may be some poisonous plants in your backyard, so it’s good to do your research and make those plants unreachable to your puppy.

Toxic garden plants are not uncommon, so check out the ASPCA’s website to find a complete list of poisonous plants that could poison your puppy. You may not have to remove them altogether, but just make it impossible for the pup to get to them.

In addition to plants, change how you take on gardening. Avoid chemical pesticides and fertilizers if your puppy is going to be outdoors without any supervision.

These are toxic products that can cause him lots of harm. There are alternatives including introducing beneficial insects that can control pests, as well as non-toxic sprays.

Dangerous Wires

As your puppy explores his world with his mouth, he will, if he is a champion chewer, get to any loose wires or cords around the property.

Cover up any wires or electrical cords to avoid any dangers to your pup and any costly repairs that could ensue.

Gnawing Wood Can Harm Your Puppy

If there’s one thing that puppies are attracted to, it’s wood. They love to sink their teeth into it. Not only will your yard look awful when it’s all said and done, gnawing at wood can cause a great deal of harm to your puppy.

The splinters can hurt his mouth, and once swallowed, they can also cause damage to his digestive tract.

The solution is to invest in Bitter Apple Spray, sold in pet supply stores and also online. Use this product daily to deter your pet from chewing on wood. It will also save your furniture, your fence, and your furry friend.

It’s vital to be proactive when bringing a pup into the home, and these puppy proofing tips will ensure his safety. Better yet, never leave your puppy alone when outdoors and never take your eyes off him.

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