Dog bullying starts with bigger dog breeds preying on smaller ones, but there are also cases of smaller breeds bullying other, bigger dogs. The next time you take your dog for a walk, pay attention to his contact with other dogs. You’ll notice if your dog is being bullied if it’s surrounded by others in an aggressive way, or if he’s being growled at for no reason. Below, you’ll learn how to prevent dog bullying, whether your dog is the bully or is the one being bullied. There are other signs as well:

How to Prevent Dog Bullying for Dog Safety

1. A dog that becomes nervous or scared around certain dogs.

2. A dog that is continuously mounted.

3. A dog whose things keep being taken away by other dogs.

4. A dog that keeps getting attacked and pushed around.

5. A dog that feels under threat around specific dogs.

6. A dog that gets seriously injured.

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A dog that experiences this kind of behavior from other dogs can be hurt both physically and mentally.

Prevent Dog Bullying

Pay attention to how your dog behaves around other dogs, whether it’s being bullied or is the bully himself. Dogs that aren’t supervised when during playtime tend to lose control and start bullying. It takes just one dog for bullying to start and if that happens, it’s best to separate that dog from the others to resolve the problem.