potty training a puppy

Any dog owner can tell you how daunting a task it can be to potty train puppies. But, everyone can learn a thing or two, or even 10 things about potty training a puppy.

Housebreaking a puppy doesn’t have to be endless or even that difficult. It’s true that some dogs are easier to housebreak than are others, but with the following advice, anyone can conquer this task.

10 Tips on Successfully Potty Training a Puppy

  1. Positive Reinforcement Every Time

If you’re reprimanding your dog for mistakes of eliminating indoors, then you might see that nothing changes. Instead, use positive reinforcement and you’ll see results much faster. It’s more effective to praise your dog and give him a treat when he’s doing the right thing of “going” outside.

  1. No Water Before Bedtime

Water before bedtime can increase the chance of Fido having a bathroom accident in the middle of the night. So, remove his water bowl before bedtime and make sure he “goes” outside, which will limit accidents.

  1. Understanding your Dog’s Bodily Functions

If your dog is eating or drinking something, rest assured it’s going to come out at some point. Maintaining a feeding/drinking schedule is really important to the pee and poop schedule.

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Pay attention to the time it takes your dog to digest his meal. Also, any diet changes will have an affect on the schedule, so it’s best to keep a strict diet and time schedule when potty training your dog.

  1. Catch them in the Act!

A dog can’t connect to a behavior way after the fact. That means that you must catch him in the act, and when you do, whisk him outside. Only then will he understand that doing “it” inside is a no-no. So, don’t yell or reprimand your dog for no reason, as it won’t get you anywhere.

  1. Consistency

Housebreaking a dog is a process — one which demands you being consistent to ensure your dog doesn’t get confused. Always praise and reward Fido for his efforts. Don’t skip a day and keep a routine.

  1. No Excuses

Many dog owners will look for any excuse to not take the dog outside. But, when your dog has to go, he has to go and when you’re potty training him, you have to be there by his side. Sometimes it’s cold or too windy, rainy, or whatever the weather, and you don’t want to go outside, but you have to go and praise him for doing his business in the right place.

In fact, some dogs don’t want to go outside in certain weather conditions too, but tagging along with them will encourage them to do what’s right, whatever the weather.

  1. Know that Accidents Can Happen

Expect an accident once in a while. It can happen to the best of dogs and for different reasons. For example, a puppy can have accident because of anxiety or fear. Once in a while, an accident is okay, but if it is happening more frequently (especially when fully housebroken), get your dog to the vet because there could be a problem. So, watch your dog’s behavior.

  1. Read the Signs

Dogs give signs, and all you have to do as a dog parent is to watch for them and understand them. Some dogs might stand by the door while others might scratch at the door; it all depends on the dog.

  1. Is Your Dog Really Feeling Guilty?

It might look like your dog is feeling guilty for something he did, but that’s not how dogs are really wired. His reaction is more of fear of the reaction of disappointment from his owner. Dogs will do the right thing because they’ll get rewarded, so keep that in mind before punishing your dog.

  1. Don’t Despair, Potty Training Dogs is Faster Than Babies

Sure it can feel endless, but consider that your dog will learn to go potty in the right place faster than your baby. Just stay focused and consistent with schedules and rewards, and it won’t be long before your dog does his business outside. Potty training a puppy will come soon enough.

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