obedience training

While your dog may become your best friend and you may love him like any other family member, he will also have his habits that you may not appreciate. Don’t suffer until it’s too late and instead, work in a positive manner to reinforce good behavior so you can be happy in your home with the best obedience training tips.

Obedience Training 101

Doing away with a bad habit may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Dogs are smart, and they can change if you do things right. With proper training, they can understand and change to ensure they are a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

How to Stop Dogs from Digging

obedience training

Dogs may be domesticated, but their instincts and habits come from their ancestors and so, some may be natural diggers. Some dog breeds are extremely enthusiastic diggers because of their genes. While it may be amusing at first to watch them bury certain items, it can become a bad habit and turn your yard into a disaster. Eventually, your lawn will end up with bumps, lumps, and clumps. Dogs dig for lots of reasons, beyond what many of us believe because of the cartoons we’ve watched in the past:

  • Both age and breed will affect the reasons why they do so.
  • Some dig because they have an excess amount of energy and they are so wired they need to release it. It’s best to train your dog to release energy in another way, meaning playing hard, jogging, brisk walks, and the like. If they’ve been tired out engaging in all these accepted energy releasing exercises, they will probably be too tired to dig up the lawn. That’s one reason, but another has to do with age.
  • More particularly, if a dog is of a breeding age, then his digging is likely associated with a female dog. He may actually be trying to get around the fence to get to the adorable dog next door. In such a case, neutering might be the only way to resolve this problem.
  • On the other hand, other dogs just dig for no reason. Some simply do it because they want to or because they like it. The solution, in this case, is to deter your dog from digging up your yard by spraying it with non-toxic repellents. If they don’t like a particular smell, they’ll stay away. However, you may want to leave an area in the yard to allow your dog to dig to his heart’s content. Find an inconspicuous spot in the backyard that won’t bother you when he engages in this annoying habit.

Stop Dogs from Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is another problem that many owners must deal with. Destructive chewing is a sign of bad dog behaviors and likely, the root of this issue is that your dog is either:

  • Bored
  • Seeking attention
  • Teething

Give your dog the time he needs to play with you. Take him outside and throw a ball and give him the attention he craves. In some cases, chasing your dog for your slippers is indicative of playtime, and that behavior continues if not nipped in the bud.

The same applies to pets who are bored. Again, spend time with them. Unfortunately, chewing problems are common with teething in puppies, and they’ll sink their teeth into anything they can because they find relief when they chew. Always provide your puppy with a chew toy. Be firm if you catch him chewing on something he’s not supposed to be biting on. Say no and take it away, but replace the item immediately with the chew toy. In doing this, it won’t take long for him to understand that the chew toys are what he should be playing with and that those are the only items they are permitted to gnaw on.

Obedience Training is Necessary for All Dogs!

Expecting a dog to obey you is important because they live in your home. Most of us like our homes to look good and chewed up furniture simply doesn’t cut it. So, make it clear to your dog quickly. If your dog is acting unruly, then try to find a professional dog trainer in your area to correct the bad dog behaviors. While you may think that it’s too expensive, a few lessons may save you thousands of dollars down the line. The corrected chewing behavior will not require you to replace expensive pieces of furniture. If dogs are well-trained, they will never be a problem. So obedience training is a must if you want to have a happy home.