National Service Dog Month

National Service Dog Month falls in September. It’s a time to celebrate work service animals and how they help people. This celebration honors working dogs who improve the lives of millions of people.

Let’s raise awareness and show appreciation for these amazing animals.

Dogs cannot only understand us, they also read into our emotions. Even the typical dog without any special training can help someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression. So, so imagine what a trained service dog can do!

If you love dogs and know how important they are to the well-being of millions of people, then spread the word about National Service Dog Month.

Actor Dick Van Patton launched a fundraising drive in the United States in 2008 for what was originally called National Guide Dog Month. It was to benefit service and guide dog training schools after visiting a Palm Springs guide dog school.

He was so inspired from watching what these important schools taught. From there, it’s become a yearly celebration of service dogs and the amazing work they do.

You don’t have to look far to see how they have served humanity. Just look at people living with blindness or autism, those with physical disabilities, or seizure disorders. Look at how their lives have improved because of these dogs.

They even help wounded soldiers who suffer from a variety of mental issues, like PTSD.

These service dogs dedicate their lives to helping people. The least we can do is be grateful to them. So, help raise awareness by sharing.

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