chocolate Labrador retriever puppy

For 29 years, the Labrador Retriever is at the top of the list of most popular dog breeds 2019. That’s quite an impressive record, but hey, the Lab is quite an impressive dog.

Though there’s no surprise that the Lab is America’s top dog, what is surprising is that there’s a new dog in the top 10 list, according to the AKC’s most popular dog breeds of 2019 that was just recently released.

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Rest assured that this is a vast list that’s besed on 1.4 million puppies registered at the AKC in 2019. The organization recognizes 193 breeds.

But, keep in mind that the AKC does NOT recognize all the “designer dogs” like Maltipoos, Goldendoodles, and others, which actually make up over 50% of all pet dogs in the country.

The least popular dog on the list is the English Foxhound. In the top 10 however, you’ll find the newest breed to make it for the first time ever — the Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

most popular dog breeds 2019

Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2019:

10) Pembroke Welsh Corgis

9) German Shorthaired Pointers

8) Rottweilers

7) Beagles

6) Poodles

5) Bulldogs

4) French Bulldogs

3) Golden Retrievers

2) German Shepherds

1) Labrador Retrievers

Although the most popular dog breeds in America are listed here, that’s no reason to neglect all the other purebred dogs and even mixed breeds. They all have something wonderful to offer.

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