most aggressive dogs

It’s hard to believe that some of the most adorable and lovable dogs made this list of the most aggressive dog breeds, but here are the facts, according to the London Telegraph:

These cute little pups that topped the list of most aggressive dog breeds were among thousands in a study to analyze their behavior. Now although these little dogs rank 1, 2, and 3 in the most “dangerous dogs” they obviously won’t inflict damage similar to that which can be cause by a larger breed, like a Rottweiler, for example.

Top 3 Most Aggressive Dogs List

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3) Jack Russell Terrier

most aggressive dogs

This small dog breed takes one of the top positions in this list of most aggressive dogs. Jack Russell Terriers, which are also fun-loving and intelligent dogs, think the TV show Fraser, have often demonstrated aggression towards other animals and people. And they do bite if they are not properly trained.

2) Chihuahua

most aggressive dogs

Coming in at number two on the list of the most “dangerous dogs” is the tiny Chihuahua. It is known as a hostile breed that typically snaps or tries to bite others, including its own family members.

1) Dachshund Dog

most aggressive dogs

The Dachshund dog breed, is considered to be one of the most aggressive dogs of all breeds. Who knew, right? Shocking as it may seem, the cute wiener dog or sausage dog as it is known in many countries ranks at the very top of a long list of most aggressive dog breeds.

  • 20% of dachshunds have either bitten or tried to bite strangers.
  • Another 20% of the wiener dogs have attacked other dogs.
  • And, almost 1% of dachshunds have actually snapped at their owners.

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