Meet the Richest Dog in the World

Good and the Bad About Maltese Dogs

Trouble is, or was, the richest dog in the world. Trouble inherited $12 million from the late Leona Helmsley, the New York Hotel heiress who passed away in 2007.

When Leona’s husband passed, she bought Trouble the Maltese to help her through the tough times and the lonliness.


The Lapdog Living in the Lap of Luxury

From the day Trouble came to live with Helmsley, aka the “Queen of Mean,” she lived a very pampered lifestyle until her death in 2011. In total, Trouble lived 12 years or 84 human years and had round-the-clock attention and care at the Sarasota Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel.

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Here are Some Perks Enjoyed by the Richest Dog in the World

The rich Maltese became quite ill, racking up about $100,000 in annual health care. Her grooming totaled $8,000 annually and her high-quality food cost $1,200 each year.

If that’s not enough, Trouble the richest dog also had a full-time security guard as a result of numerous kidnapping and death threats.

Helmsley, who also served time in prison for tax evasion (18 months), hated dirt so she had arranged that Trouble be buried in a mausoleum right next to her, and that the mausoleum be washed once a year, at least. The cemetery was given $3 million to ensure the cleanliness of their resting place. The Helmsley family mausoleum (in case you’re wondering) is 12,ooo sq.ft. in size, and is located in Westchester County, NY.

When Trouble the Maltese dog died in 2011, it was all over the news. All New York newspapers and national TV news reported on the richest dog in the world and her death.