kids and dogs tips for children living with dogs

It is the responsibility of parents to be more aware when kids and dogs play together. Most families with dogs cannot imagine their lives without their furry friends in their homes.

While dogs bring lots of happiness, companionship, and a sense of security, they can also potentially harm your children. Sometimes, with respect to kids and dogs, it may be more dangerous than some people can fathom.

For instance, children can sometimes be rough on dogs. In turn, there will come a time when the dog will have to defend himself.

Very often, your four-legged family member is considered aggressive after that and given away.

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Therefore, adults need to be more diligent, caring, and concerned with regards to dogs and children. Though we’d all like to believe all dogs protect babies, it’s not always the case.

So, this subject must never be taken lightly as children may become injured or even lose their lives.

There is no place for poor judgment when any dog of any size lives in your home. Precautions need be made to guarantee the safety of your child and every other family member.

Kids and Dogs – Tips for Children Living with Dogs

1. Never leave your baby and your dog unsupervised.

All dog breeds can misread even a friendly hug from your child, seeing it as an act of aggression.

2. Prohibit your child from approaching a sleeping dog.

Just like humans can be startled in their sleep, so too can dogs. If your child awakens your dog, he may be so surprised that he hurts your child.

3. Prohibit your child from being aggressive toward your dog.

Children must never treat dogs with any aggression. They must always be respectful and kind.

Yelling at the dog should be frowned upon by parents. Also, children must never sit on the backs of their dogs, as this could lead to their suffering from back injuries.

kids and dogs tips for children living with dogs

4. Never put the baby on the floor with the dog present.

Always keep them separate. At worst, be sure you as an adult are present and completely aware of what’s going on. It’s always best to separate them to keep them safe.

5. Hugging is a no-no.

Many dogs may interpret hugs as a sign of aggression. As such, they will react accordingly. So, it is vital to teach your children to not hug the dog. Many children have been bitten by their family dogs as they try to hug them.

6. Walk, don’t run!

Kids love to run, and when they do, dogs follow suit since they love to chase. Running with a puppy can end up being quite dangerous as the child can get tripped and knocked over.

Plus, this could turn out to be very rough play, which could have many devastating results.

7. Dogs and babies should not sleep in the same bed.

It might seem like something out of a storybook, where the two cute best friends cuddle, but it’s not a good idea. In fact, it is a terrible idea that can be fatal.

kids and dogs tips for children living with dogs

8. Kids must never remove anything from the dog’s mouth.

Regardless of the item, children should never try to take away anything out of the dog’s mouth. By the same token, your dog should never take away your child’s toy.

Teach your child to report the situation to you or another responsible adult so that it may be handled accordingly. Either way, it is a recipe for disaster.

9. When the newborn baby comes home.

Bringing home a new baby should not change the amount of attention you give your dog. Any sudden changes in attention could lead to your dog being jealous of your baby.

A jealous dog can be dangerous.

Be sure to treat him exactly the way you did before you brought your bundle of joy home.

Use our advice about kids and dogs tips for children living with dogs. Parents beware to ensure everyone is safe.

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