Jack Russell dog breed

Having a best friend is easy to find in a dog, but not all dogs are created equal. We are all individuals, and so are dogs. However, to find the best dog for you, you need to find one that matches your personality. That said, have you ever considered the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed? This dog is a whole lot of dog packed into a small size.

For starters, it has a very interesting history.

It all dates back to a student of Oxford University who was named John Russell. He studied theology when he met a milkman who had a white spotted Terrier. He became interested in this dog to the point where it became the foundation for the new breed that we now know today. The milkman’s dog was named Trump and from Trump were derived 60 more varieties of Terriers.

Jack Russell Dog Breed Personality

Terriers have a basic nature to go on and over the ground. Jack Russell Terriers are bred to hunt.

They were also excellent ratters, which meant that they were excellent at keeping rats away. No rat can escape a Jack Russell Terrier in its home. Although many thought cats were the ideal rat hunters, people soon came to discover that owning a Jack Russell served as an excellent companion and as a ratter, so a cat would not necessarily be required.

This dog has an excellent instinct regarding strangers. It can without difficulty, and through gut instinct, know who should not enter their home and who should be welcomed. So, Jack Russell Terriers are excellent watchdogs. They are aggressive against their prey, as they were designed so. What’s more is that they are dogs that will bark only when necessary, although some like the sound of their own voices.

However, Jack Russells are not vicious. They will only show their aggressive nature to warn strangers if they smell a threat. If however, the stranger is welcomed into the home by the owner, then this dog will likely tolerate that person.

Jack Russells and Kids

This dog breed loves human companionship. It also enjoys children immensely. However, if a dog of this breed has been improperly treated or been abused, it may display its aggressive behavior, even among children. A Jack Russell is so confident a dog that it will not back away from a larger, fiercer dog, which may even lead to unfortunate and serious injuries in a best case scenario.

This dog breed is also renowned for its good spirits and its intelligence. They are very curious and highly observant. This can lead to behavioral issues if they are not provided with proper training and stimulation throughout their lives. However, Jack Russell’s are easy to train and generally perform well. With regards to dog shows and competitions, this dog breed shines!
Jack Russell dog breedOf course, with all its positive traits, Hollywood couldn’t avoid but see how wonderfully talented and beloved these dogs are. They are both attractive and feisty, making them very attractive on the set. Remember Eddie on the sitcom Frasier?

The Jack Russell dog breed has minimal grooming needs. So, given his small size and few grooming needs, you won’t be required to spend hours each week caring for his appearance.