Insurance for Dogs

We can all agree that bringing home a dog, no matter its age, will have an effect on the owner’s budget. A dog is a living thing, like its owners, requiring medical attention from regular checkups to life-saving surgery, and that can put a dent in your wallet. Understanding health insurance for dogs, and how it affects you is a good lesson to learn before having to deal with an urgent medical issue.

Insurance for Dogs

Do You Really Need Insurance for Dogs?

Loving your dog comes with responsible dog ownership. And that means providing routine medical examinations, healthy food, and treatments when a dog falls ill. Aside from the necessary vaccines, there are routine checkups for which you’ll have to pay. Expect all these relatively inexpensive veterinarian visits in addition to a variety of unforeseen visits due to diseases and health conditions your dog may experience throughout his lifetime. Of course, insurance for dogs wouldn’t be necessary if your dog would be healthy from birth to his senior years, but that would only happen in a perfect world.

The fact is that pet medical care is costly these days. Today’s expensive tools used in providing top medical attention for pets have driven up the costs of treating them. For example, diagnostic tools designed for humans, like the MRI, are now used by veterinarians. So are sophisticated treatments that could easily reach thousands of dollars. Considering the cost of a basic plan with a $25 monthly premium for dog insurance may be a smart decision. However, different plans provide different coverage, so it’s vital to choose according to your needs and budget. Researching the subject will prove worthwhile, giving you peace of mind knowing your dog may receive the medical treatment it may require, and that your bank account won’t be drained.

Choosing from the Different Pet Insurance Plans

When choosing from the different pet insurance plans, know what the experts say. In this case, it’s the veterinarians, since they are the medical experts providing health care and treatments to your pets. That said, most agree that pet insurance is a valuable asset to all pet owners who love their pets and want to give them the best health care.

Imagine placed in a position where you can’t afford medical treatment for your dog because of financial constraints. In many cases that results in an animal suffering needlessly. From a veterinarian’s perspective, providing the top treatments available is what they were trained to do. They want to provide the best health care,  ease your dog’s pain, and treat conditions successfully. But, all that costs money, and oftentimes, a lot of it, putting pet parents in very difficult positions.

Consider the statistics–each year, 1 in 3 pets will either become injured or contract an illness that needs medical attention. That’s 33% of all pets, so the risk to owners is quite high. An emergency room visit can easily cost hundreds of dollars, if not more. A pet parent armed with dog medical insurance can feel confident. They may seek emergency medical attention whenever their dog needs it.

Pet health insurance is designed to provide financial help when needed in order to allow dog owners to access the top pet health care available.