There are simple ways to make sure your dog is getting the healthiest food. Pet food started during World War II – made from leftover grains and cereals, but it is these additives that could be avoided to benefit your dog’s health. During that time, crops were saved for pet food instead of being thrown away. Learn what’s in dog food and how to make a dog live longer.

When they realized that this food wasn’t providing proper nutrition, they added extra protein as a replacement for meat. But, even though they added meat it wasn’t enough since it wasn’t prime cuts of beef, chicken, and so on. They used what was denied for human consumption, which was either dead, dying or drugged.

The problem is that even today bones, feathers, and heads are used as protein sources, making it hard for animals to digest the food.

How to know what food is the right one? Just pay attention to the labels.

For example, corn, wheat, and soy ingredients increase the percentage of protein but are hard for your pet to digest. These proteins can cause allergies as well as damage the kidneys, aging a young pet dramatically.

How to Make a Dog Live Longer

Another thing you should pay attention to is the by-products, which are also hard to digest. Those are products that aren’t fit for people to eat, meaning that pets shouldn’t either. The bad thing is that by-products are consistent in even the most popular pet food. Another critical part is the meat and bone meal, which legally consists of dead animals that could have died from trauma, disease or a natural cause.

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Things listed above, as well as chemicals, which are known carcinogens, are used as additives in various pet food.

Cats and dogs have a potential to live much longer lives than they do, so pay attention to the ingredients when buying food, because the right food will extend its life. Read the nutrition labels and make the better, more educated decisions, and this is one way in how to make a dog live longer.