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The required frequency of cleaning your dog’s eyes depends largely on the dog breed. Long-muzzled dogs usually don’t need much eye upkeep, unless they have an eye infection. On the other hand, dogs with short muzzles need their eyes checked every day. Follow this guide and learn how to clean dogs eyes properly. 

Dogs with brachycephalic faces like Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, and Pekingese dogs are those that need daily checking and even cleaning.

It’s simply because their eyes protrude, making them vulnerable to infections, external damage, and even the development of hereditary health conditions.

Do I Need to Clean My Dog’s Eyes?

While many breeds of dogs do not require formal eye cleaning, for some dogs it is absolutely vital.

Which Dogs Need Regular Eye Cleaning:

  • Dogs with protruding eyes and brachycephalic faces.
  • Dogs with fairer fur colors due to tear staining.
  • Dogs who produce excess tears from tear ducts.
  • Dogs living with dry eye conditions who need artificial lubricants.
  • Dogs living with medical conditions, like entropion of the eyelid.

Eye Cleaning and Maintenance on a Daily Basis – What You’ll Need

  • If you need to clean your dog’s eyes on a daily basis, the best thing to do is establish a consistent and structured, time-saving routine once your dog adjusts.
  • Have face cloths specific for this purpose to use when cleaning your dog’s eyes.
  • Make sure to wash them regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and development of infection.
  • DO NOT use cotton wool or cotton buds as they shed fibers, which are irritating.

How to Clean Dogs Ears 

  • Remove any visible debris form the eye area before using a damp cloth to clean around and over the eye.
  • Be extra cautious in making sure that you don’t apply too much pressure or scratch your dog’s eyes.
  • Do not wet the eyes or eye area more than necessary.

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Dogs like the bulldog and the pug, both of whom have facial folds, may need these folds cleaned too. If not, bacteria and fungus can grow within the folds, should they not be properly looked after. Remember to dry the skin folds sufficiently after cleaning to prevent irritation.

Moisturizing Eye Drops for Dogs

If your dog needs moisturizing eye drops, apply these after you have cleaned and dried the eye area and face. Keep an eye out for scratches and irritation while performing the daily cleaning process.

Monthly Maintenance

Once a month, you should thoroughly grooming and clean your dog’s eyes.

Invest in pet-safe eyewashes and rinses to use on your dog. They are specifically formulated for cleaning debris from the eye area and flushing the corneas.

As always, be sure to dry your dog’s eyes and face well after using these washes and wipe up any extra liquid that may be sitting in the corners of the eyes.

How to Clean Dog’s Eyes Tear Stains

Some dogs are more vulnerable to tear staining than others. If your dog is one of them, use a gentle wash on a monthly basis to help clean up the stains.

Though you may be bothered by the appearance of tear-stained fur on your dog, it is not generally a health issue. The only time you should be worried is if you notice excessive tearing, infection, or inflammation.

You can look at your monthly cleaning of your dog’s eyes as an opportunity to examine its eyes for early signs of cataracts or other issues.

If your dog is prone to tear stains around the eyes, you should: 

  • Ensure hair around the eyes is trimmed
  • Use warm water to keep corners of eyes clean
  • Remove tear stains with a pet-safe, product specific for this purpose, like Four Paws® Eye Wipes, which removes tear stain with only one wipe!

Yearly Examination

Besides following the recommendations for daily and monthly cleaning processes, be sure to heed the advice of your vet when it comes to your dog’s eye care. Your veterinarian may be able to suggest specific creams and lotions for your dog, along with recommending certain human eye drops that are safe for use on dogs, too.

Don’t Neglect the Annual Check-up

Bringing your dog to the vet on an annual basis is non-negotiable. Your veterinarian will perform a full check-up, including an eye examination. If you have any questions or concerns about the state of your dog’s eyes throughout the year, do not hesitate to contact your vet.

Many eye conditions that exist in dogs like protruding eyes are permanent, but others such as entropion can sometimes be surgically corrected. So, never assume before asking your vet for advice, even for something as simple as being shown how to clean dogs eyes. 

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