brown long coated small dog

Dog grooming tips to help you start with learning all about how to brush a dog the right way.

Has your dog lately been capering around in the outdoors a little too long for your convenience? Has she started looking somewhat scruffy? If the answers are yes, then it is time for a little grooming routine.

Unlike cats, dogs require regular grooming that’s provided by you. You don’t need to do much though. Normally, giving him a bath each month, depending on the climate, breed, etc., should pretty much suffice. However, as for brushing, this needs to be done more regularly—ideally once daily!

You might think that you don’t have the time for it, but believe us, the more you do it, the less time it will take. If you only brush your dog’s coat once a week, you’ll have to put in more of an effort because you’ll have to deal with more knots and tangles than if you had brushed her on a daily basis.

How to Brush a Dog

Use The Proper Tools. When it comes to short-haired dogs, stainless steel combs are the best option as they are able to smoothly glide through the coat.

For dogs with longer hair, begin with a slicker brush (they are good in sorting out the tangles, but be gentle) and then finish it up with a stainless steel comb.

For the most part, you need to brush in the direction the hair grows. However, you must also brush a few times in the opposite direction in order to check for fleas and ticks. During the hotter months, you will also need to brush with a flea comb to make sure that your dog hasn’t suffered a flea infestation.

Finally, we recommend that you always finish your brushing routine with a soft-bristled brush. This will really help the dog’s coat shine.

Normally, dogs enjoy brushing and find it soothing and comfortable. However, if your dog happens NOT to enjoy this activity, consider brushing immediately after his play time. Brush gently in the direction of hair growth and once finished, reward him with a treat. Chances are he would start to like it before long.

Bathing Tips for Dog Parents

Now for the more difficult part, namely bathing.

Prepare yourself properly. Keep everything you’ll need during and after the bath (shampoo, towel, brush, etc.) within easy reach. For small dogs, you can wash them right in the sink, which is really convenient and less of a back-breaking job. For medium to large breeds however, you’ll need to use the shower or a tub.

First things first: brushing your dog thoroughly and all over. This is a crucial step that will remove tangles. It will also avoid them from worsening or new ones from forming. Doing so will also reduce the amount of time you’ll need to brush her after her bath.

When bathing her, use warm water only and ONLY dog shampoo. Average human shampoos contain harsh chemicals which will cause irritation to your dog’s skin. These can also degrade the quality of the fur. Start lathering from the back and work your way forward, finishing with the head.

When rinsing, rinse thoroughly and then again to ensure that all the shampoo has been removed. If you have a small dog, simply wrap her with a soft, clean towel and gently rub against the hairs to dry her. Follow up with a good brushing.

For larger dogs, do a bit of brushing throughout the drying process in order to avoid tangles from forming.

Just make sure to finish it off with a tasty treat for your dog. We hope these dog grooming tips on how to brush a dog and bathe her proved beneficial to you. Do you have any other advice that can be helpful to our readers? If you do, please share them with us.