You may be simply minding your own business, and out of the blue, a dog may approach you, and you must know what to do. Could the dog be ready to attack? If you’re in this terrifying situation, you have to think quick and act even faster to avoid or survive a dog attack. Should you run? Maybe scream? What to do?

avoid or survive a dog attack

A hostile dog can be in your path at any time in your life, and preparation for such a situation could be the only thing that will save you.

Here’s what you need to do to avoid or survive a dog attack:

1. Remain Calm but be Assertive

First, you must understand that dogs try to sense if you’re a threat to THEM. Also, most dogs can sense your fear as they approach. As such, you must show that you are not going to engage in this so do NOT make any sudden movements.

2. Don’t Make Eye Contact

Staring or just looking straight into the eye of a hostile dog will be perceived by the dog as a challenge. A dog can also view a smile as a challenge too, so avoid looking at its face. Don’t look down, either as this will be perceived as a sign of submission. Keep the dog in your view through peripheral vision, just to maintain awareness.

3. Walk Away and Never Run

Running will only trigger a dog’s prey-chasing instincts. If you need to get away, WALK. Back away slowly and find a safe place. If you’re outnumbered, find a place to climb to safety.

4. If Attacked

If there is an attack, ensure your forearms face out to protect your arteries. Tuck knees into your stomach, thereby protecting your organs and make a fist with both hands to protect fingers and place them over your ears to protect your ears.

5. Use Bait to Distract the Dog

By bait, we mean offering your shoe or another article of clothing. Pull your arm out of the sleeve and give up your hoodie to distract it to give you some time to get away.

6. Fighting Back

Avoid engagement at all costs, unless there is no other way out and the dog is on a full attack at which point you must think smart. Use a jacket or a shirt and wrap it around its head, which will disorient it. In a full-on fight, kick or punch it in its most vulnerable areas, like the ribs or the armpit. Punch the dog in the snout, but with caution to avoid its teeth. Use any object to fight back, like a rock or a stick, too. However, if the dog has a firm bite on you, avoid trying to shake out of it or trying to pull away because it will only clamp down harder, further tearing your skin and leading to severe bleeding.

How Do You Know If a Dog is Aggressive

Some of the signs of an aggressive dog include:

1. Growling
2. Showing its teeth
3. High held and stiff tail

Whatever you do, always remain cool and collected to avoid an attack. Understand that dogs may become aggressive if they feel threatened, fearsome, or if in heat or if their puppies are nearby. Also, all dogs can attack humans, not just those known as aggressive dogs!



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