How Much Sleep Does a Puppy Need?

how much sleep does a puppy need

If you’re bringing a puppy home for the first time, you are likely to be surprised by just how much they sleep. It seems like puppies are either running at full speed, or completely knocked out! So, just how much sleep does a puppy need?

First-time puppy owners often find themselves wondering just how much sleep a 12 week old dog really needs.

Most new dog owners wonder if the amount of time their puppy spends sleeping is normal. So, you’re not alone. 

Puppy FAQS: How Much Sleep Does a Puppy Need?

This article will explore just how much rest puppies need based on their developmental requirements and discuss why puppies spend so much time asleep. Keep reading to learn more about your puppy and its needs.

Puppies or Adult Dogs: Who Sleeps More?

The reality is that puppies sleep more than older dogs. The amount of sleep a puppy needs varies from dog to dog, but the young years are filled with the most sleep in a dog’s life. After that, it’s followed by their old age. Adult dogs land somewhere in the middle.

Lifestyle and Sleep

Lifestyle also affects the amount of sleep that your dog will need. This includes the type of diet your dog follows and the amount of exercise it gets. Dogs that spend time working or go on especially long walks will need a little extra rest time.

How Much Sleep Do Puppies Up To 6 Months Need?

Until the age of around 6 months, puppies commonly sleep up to a total of 20 hours throughout the day. Puppies tend to get a big portion of their sleep overnight with naps scattered during the day.

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Even adult dogs need a larger amount of sleep than most people realize. When your pup grows up, they’ll still need to clock about twelve to fourteen hours of sleep each day.

Why Do Puppies Need So Much Sleep?

Puppies are constantly growing, and a lot of their energy is used to facilitate this tiring process. Combine that with all the playing and exploring that occurs in your puppy’s day to day life, and you can understand why they need so much sleep.

Just as their bodies are growing, a puppy’s mind needs space and rest to integrate all the new things they experience each day.

The stimulation and mental challenges that a puppy faces each day are an important part of development, which use up energy reserves. So, don’t be surprised if your puppy is knocked out after a day of too much stimulation.

Should I Always Let My Puppy Sleep on His Schedule?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that puppies do truly need large amounts of sleep. When they appear exhausted, it is for good reason. Getting proper, restful sleep is a critical part of their physical and mental development. It will also prevent behavioral issues in the future.

That being said, allowing your puppy to sleep for a big chunk of time during the day it may not sleep through the night. Of course, that can seriously interfere with the family schedule.

Create a Sleep Program

That’s why it’s important to create a structured sleep program for your puppy that will suit their sleep requirements and fit your family’s lifestyle. Establishing structure from the beginning will help you avoid the possibility of middle of the night cries for attention.

So, try to strike a balance between allowing your puppy to indulge in naps as they come, while also providing a consistent feeding and exercise schedule to tire him out in preparation for bedtime.

When Will My Puppy Sleep Through the Night?

Don’t panic if your puppy doesn’t sleep through the night right away — it takes time. Be prepared to practice patience and have consistent routines as you train your puppy to sleep through the night. Learn your puppy’s natural rhythm and adjust the feeding and exercise schedules accordingly to find the balance that works.

Very young puppies cannot go the whole night without going to the bathroom — so keep that in mind. Consider how you will handle nighttime potty-training. Keep feedings and bathroom breaks regular and consistent and your puppy will be able to adjust and build up their nighttime bladder stamina.

Just like us, all puppies are all different. Some may start to sleep for 6-8 hours each night even as young as three or four months. Others, however, may need as long as six months before they are able to. 

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