Heated dog beds are becoming a very popular choice, helping economically as well as making you less worried about your dog being cold at night. It’s the best solution for dogs that are elderly or unwell, soothing muscle and joint aches and pains.

Heated Dog BedsThe Benefits of Heated Dog Beds

Young or small dogs are more likely to feel the cold, and the heated dog beds simulate the warmth that a small dog or puppy would feel like a part of their pack or litter, which is psychologically very comforting!

Most heated dog beds have a heating pad inside, which is plugged into an outlet. Luckily, it’s very energy efficient, relatively cheap to run, and can help reduce your heating bill. The heating pads have an internal thermostat, so you can set them at a specific temperature during the night, as well as a lower one during the day.

Does your dog sleep in a cold room? Is it older or unwell? Is it a young dog? Then maybe you should think about heated dog beds, they might just help you out with those worries. The only thing you need to think about is choosing the right size, so just measure your dog correctly. When it is lying down, with legs fully extended, measure the full length of your dog and add 5-7 inches, so you can be certain that it’s not too small. Don’t worry about washing the bed either – just remove the heating pad, and wash it in the machine!

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