halloween costumes for dogs

Dog lovers can go all out this Halloween by dressing up their dogs to go trick-or-treating with them. Halloween costumes for dogs will make you and Fido feel like a real family as you celebrate this fun holiday. Regardless of your budget, your dog can be a part of this special day and night, whether he’s a toy dog or a giant breed.

halloween costumes for dogs

What Types of Dog Halloween Costumes Are There?

Choose from a wide selection of dog Halloween costumes, from classic pirate dog costumes to superhero costumes and more. Perhaps you have a favorite movie or TV character you’d love to see your dog transform into! Why not! Halloween is all about imagination and fun. Alternatively, you might like to see your female dog dressed up as a princess.

If you’re on a tighter budget, there’s no need to worry that your dog will be left out — just shop for clearance items where you can save up to 70% or even 80%. No matter what the mood, browse the many top dog costumes for Halloween to ensure your dog is in the spotlight getting the attention he deserves. Make him or her the star in the neighborhood, trotting around and getting praises for cuteness.

No need to concern yourself about comfort since these dog costumes are created for our furry friends. Of course, for safety reasons, do not leave your dog unattended while sporting these dog Halloween costumes. Dog costumes are designed to be worn with ease, are adjustable, and come in all sizes. Plus, they are machine washable.

Some of the must-have 2017 Halloween costumes for dogs include:

  • Wonder Woman dog costume
  • Star Wars Ewok dog costume
  • Yoda dog costume Star Wars
  • Star Wars Chewbacca dog costume
  • UPS Pal Dog Pet Costume

Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Specific Dog Breeds

While you can dress up your dog any way you like, you might be looking for some inspiration or ideas you might not have thought about, like:

  • Chihuahua and Animal Planet Lion Dog Costume
  • Dalmatian and Fire Marshall Dog Costume
  • Golden Retriever and Wonder Woman Dog Costume or Supergirl dog costume
  • Bulldog and Rapper Dog Costume
  • Bichon Frise and Santa Pup Dog Costume
  • Pug and Frankenpup Dog Costume
  • Dachshund and Hot Dog Costume

While your dog may not understand this holiday, or why he’s wearing a costume, most of us dog lovers realize that he feels a part of an event, so don’t neglect Fido on one of the most fun holiday of the year!