Grooming Your Dog – Why Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

Everyone has a different reason for grooming their dog; it’s either because of the way it looks or for  health reasons. Some dog owners don’t have time for it or see no need for doing it, but grooming your dog is vital. Below, learn all about proper grooming and the reasons for it.

grooming your dog

Why DOES your dog need grooming?

Grooming is an activity that includes cleaning your dog, removing dirt and keeping your dog healthy. If you talk to veterinarians, they will tell you that bathing doesn’t just clean your dog, but also prevents your dog from developing a skin infection.

If you don’t bathe your dog for a while, then the dirt will cause the itching and scratching, making your dog have skin abrasions which can become septic.

Other grooming activities are also essential for your dog’s health. Brushing makes your dog look nice, but even more important if your dog isn’t brushed, then the fibers become intertwined, also known as matting. Matting creates other problems that are more important, and that is locking dirt and increasing your dog’s itching. It makes it much harder to bathe your dog when there is matting.

What should you do about matting?

Brushing helps if it isn’t too tangled, but if it’s been some time, then your dog will be in pain. The best solution is hair clipping; it’s the best option if your dog’s fur is too tangled. There’re specially designed hair clippers for dogs, making it easier to clean and improve your dogs looks.

Another important thing to pay attention to is trimming the nails, if they get too long, they will curve inwards and might just pierce into its pads.