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Delicious fruits and vegetables, along with other foods can be enjoyed by humans, but some are foods to never feed your dog. In fact, some foods we enjoy can be extremely harmful or even fatal to our beloved pets because they are toxic foods for dogs.

5 Foods to Never Feed Your Dog to Keep Him Healthy & Well

Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

Toxic Foods for Dogs

1. Raw eggs have the capacity to poison your dog. The Salmonella may lead to other illnesses, showing symptoms of stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Consuming raw eggs in dogs will undoubtedly cause them skin and hair problems, as well as interfere with vitamin absorption.

2. Grapes and Raisins are delicious snacks extremely healthy for humans, but in contrast, they are at the tops of the list of foods to never feed your dog. The early signs of your dog having consumed grapes or raisins are vomiting. Even a few grapes or raisins can make your dog sick and damage his kidneys, leading to kidney failure. 

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3. Avocado, the fruit with so many nutrients can easily cause allergic reactions in dogs. It is the persin in avocados, especially if the dog eats a large amount, that can cause these reactions.

4. Dairy products can bring on diarrhea and numerous other problems. For instance, allergies and severe illness can occur when giving your dog milk or ice cream. The reason for this is because their digestive system is far more sensitive than those of humans.

Foods to Never Feed Your Dog

5. Garlic is a common ingredient in almost every dish, but is a food toxic to dogs causing blood-related issues in dogs. A small amount may be alright, but be sure to hold back if you’re cooking for your dog using garlic.

It’s a Family Affair When it Comes to Toxic Foods for Dogs

Always look around and be vigilant when checking foods that are within your dog’s reach. By the same token, teach your kids the foods to never feed your dog.

If children are aware of the harm that can come to dogs from foods that are not safe, they’ll be more careful, too.

Foods to never feed your dog should be thoroughly studied by the entire family and visitors must also be informed for the good of your dog.

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