Good and the Bad About Maltese Dogs

Dog training is not something to take lightly. If you do it wrong, you will suffer the consequences, and do so for years to come. Learn the do’s and don’ts of training a Maltese puppy to ensure a happy home.


Positive training is the fad these years, but it can bite you in the behind if you practice only purely positive dog training.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Training a Maltese Puppy – Rewarding your Puppy

Rewarding your puppy should never always include a treat. If your Maltese puppy is given a treat each time he behaves as desired, then he will always expect a food reward. Simply put, this is a bribe using a treat. The purely positive dog training method also involves a dog owner never “scolding” a dog for behaving badly, and that could become a problem.

Your ultimate goal when training a Maltese puppy (or any other breed, for that matter) is to teach your dog to respect you. He must behave whether he likes it or not!

Balanced Dog Training Method

So, your goal is to teach balanced dog training. You must teach your dog that when he behaves well, there will be positive consequences and that will cause him to repeat that behavior. Alternately, when he behaves badly, negative consequences will ensue, which will likely discourage the dog from repeating that bad behavior.

That said, when training a Maltese puppy, reward him differently each time. Sometimes, you can give him a treat, but other times pet him or give him a toy to play with. Another way to really make him happy and want to repeat his good behavior is to play a game with him. Most dogs love attention and playtime.

On the other hand, if your little furry friend has behaved badly, you need to parent up and communicate to him that his actions were unacceptable. There are different ways to do this: say “No” in a firm tone, or use body language. There is nothing wrong with reprimanding a dog humanely, and this doesn’t ever mean abusing a dog.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that every action causes a reaction, and if you respond correctly, then your dog will learn to respect you because he won’t want the negative consequences. This is how you show him that you’re the boss and he will respect you, no matter what his mood.

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