dogs and kids

Dogs are often confused about how to act toward young children because they are so different from the human parents. Toddlers can be scary for them, so it’s important that you properly influence the relationship between dogs and kids. It starts with you teaching kids to respect their four-legged friend.

How to Help Dogs and Kids Get Along

Your job is to show your young child how to be gentle.

  • Show him how to pet your dog, using gentle strokes.
  • Take the time to demonstrate how you do it, and then take his hand and guide him to pet Fifi.
  • Dogs love to be scratched in certain places too, so show your little one the exact spots that your dog likes.

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Another thing on this list is to teach kids ways to play games dogs love, which are the same structured games kids love too!

Try fetch, hide-and-seek, tug of war, among others. Help your child learn how to train your dog to do tricks. A part of the learning process means teaching kids to praise and reward their dog when she learns the trick.

By the same token, you can’t just demonstrate only what is good as it is important to protect your child and your dog.

dogs and kids

So, be clear to your kids that hurting your dog is unacceptable. Explain that the following cannot be done to Fifi:

  • Kicking
  • Hitting
  • Poking
  • Pinching
  • Teasing and Scaring
  • Riding

Whenever there are dogs and kids in the home, respect is of the essence. A dog will protect herself if she is being hurt, so you have to take the time to ensure the rules are being followed. Also, if your child is a pre-schooler, consider signing up Fifi for obedience classes with your child. They will bond much sooner.

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