Dog Training

Your puppy has to have a firm grasp of certain commands and behaviors to ensure all goes well. This is true of whether visitors are coming over, or whether you are enthusiastic about bringing your puppy with you everywhere you go. These dog training tips will simplify your life.

Dog Training

3 Commands Your Puppy Must Know Before Visiting

1. Potty Training Essentials

While visiting an unfamiliar environment, it is quite common for a puppy to make some mistakes with regards to house training. She may be well-trained when it comes to your home, but your puppy may be confused about what is acceptable in other homes.

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Use the following tips to avoid house training mistakes in your friends homes:

Potty Outside Command

As soon as you arrive at your destination, get her to go potty outside. Praise her as soon as she does and make sure to reward her.

Be sure to use your “go outside” command as soon as she eats or drinks something.

Keep a close eye on your puppy the entire time you’re visiting.

2. Jumping

Jumping is an absolute no-no. Before your puppy meets new people, she should be able to greet them politely.

Of course, puppies can get very excited at the drop of a hat, and when new people are around, they may jump for attention.

Be careful not to handle this inappropriate behavior incorrectly because it will be repeated again and again.

Dog Training Tips: How to Teach Your Dog to Not Jump

The correct way to handle your puppy jumping on guests is to ignore this behavior.

Any other action by either the owner or the guest will seem like play for the puppy. Using your hands to move her or talking to her is just giving her attention.

So, wait til her four paws are on the floor. If she has learned the “off” command, be sure to use it and then reward her if and when she obeys.

Teach Your Dog to Sit

Sit is the top command for a puppy to learn before going for social visits.

When your puppy learns to “sit,” she will be better controlled, such as by staying off the furniture, jumping on people, and so on.

With the “sit” command, your dog should automatically stop biting, chewing, or barking.

Teaching a puppy to hold a sitting position is not as difficult as you might think.

Teach your dog to sit

Here’s How to Teach a Puppy to Hold a Sitting Position:

  • Say “sit.”
  • Hold up her reward for just a few seconds. Don’t hold out too long the first time.
  • Gradually, increase the time she waits for her treat.
  • Eventually, your dog will learn that “sit” means calm down and sit.
  • Once the command is learned, don’t use the reward each time.
  • Slowly, this reward should become affectionate petting with lots of praise.
  • In the end, she will sit no matter what’s going on, not expecting any reward.

Then you know your puppy can go with you wherever you go.

You will always be welcome with your puppy if you follow these dog training tips. No one wants a mess in their home, nor do they want an out-of-control puppy jumping on them and on their furniture.

Happy trails. With these dog training tips, now you can socialize again!

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