It’s hard to find a solution for keeping your dog safe and free, but that’s what chain link dog run kennels are for. This is a freestanding outdoor enclosure that has a steel frame and durable chain link wire mesh. It’s portable and easy to set up: no tools needed, just a set of pliers. Dog kennels provide a secure outdoor containment area where your dog can play and enjoy the fresh air.

dog run kennels

Types of Dog Run Kennels

The size of a portable kennel varies depending on your dog’s size. A small dog portable kennel may be four by four feet and four feet high. Kennels used in a backyard or any other open area may be as high as six feet and as large as ten by six feet but still portable! It can easily be disassembled and moved elsewhere.

The only thing you need to worry about is your dog’s exposure to the sun. Most kennels come with a flexible cover. This cover should be UV-treated and offer high sunblock protection so that your dog is kept cool and comfortable. If wind or other side exposure is an issue, covers can also be used for sidewalls.

It will take time for your dog to get used to it, but just make sure that the kennel is big enough for your dog, so he doesn’t feel imprisoned. Portable kennels are not, however, designed to restrain aggressive dogs. If stability is an issue, there are anchor kits to keep the enclosure in place.

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Dog kennels are a great investment for people who want to give their dogs freedom and fresh air while they’re away, while ensuring their safety. Dog run kennels are an inexpensive and practical solution to providing your dog with space, instead of them being locked indoors for too many hours on any given day.