Good and the Bad About Maltese Dogs

There are people wonder why others own dogs. They just don’t understand why anyone would bring a furry and disruptive animal into their home causing messes and leaving behind a ton of hair to clean up. Well, there are lots of reasons that people have dogs. Besides having an excellent companion by their side no matter what, they also provide exceptional health benefits to the dog owners. Dog ownership health benefits are many. For one thing, it can help with mental wellness. It can also make your heart healthy and even improve your recovery time after surgery. Moreover, studies have shown that there have been higher survival rates in people with dogs after they’ve had surgery. Other research has demonstrated that some dogs can even detect cancer in a person just from their breath!

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Here are some incredible dog ownership health benefits:

People with dogs typically have healthier levels of cholesterol and lower blood pressure than those without dogs. As you may know, cholesterol increases the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases. Studies of also shown that just petting a dog can reduce blood pressure. Just knowing that you own a dog can also provide many of these health benefits, even if you’re not with the pet at a given time.

Therapy Dogs in Hospitals and at Home

In hospitals, there have been studies indicating that seniors better responded to treatment and recovered more rapidly when they were in contact with therapy dogs. What’s more is that other studies have shown that a dog owner has a better chance of survival after being diagnosed with a serious illness, when compared to someone who does not own a dog. One goes on to reveal an individual’s survival rate is greater impacted by the presence of a dog or a pet rather than another person, including friends and family.

Pet ownership and better health have a direct correlation, according to Cambridge and UCLA studies. The emotional and physical well-being of seniors improved through dog ownership or pet ownership in general, according to the Journal of American Geriatrics Society. If that’s not enough to convince you, according to a Medicare study involving the elderly, those who owned a dog paid fewer visits to the doctor than did their counterparts who did not own a dog.

Dog owners are just better off mentally and emotionally than those who don’t have a furry companion. But why? Perhaps it’s because dogs provide their owners with lots of unconditional love and affection, which reduces loneliness. Because dogs have shown time and again in top studies and experiments that they provide all these incredible health benefits, they have been used in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices around the world. Studies have even gone on to prove that people who were suffering from major ailments were more capable of better dealing with the stress of an illness with a dog by their side.

Dogs Can Detect Cancer!

As for some dogs that are capable of detecting some types of cancer, the research is promising. In the study, dogs were given breath samples from healthy people and from others who suffered from either lung or breast cancer. They were astonished at the results that the dogs detected the cancer samples with incredible accuracy. More particularly, they identified 99% of the lung cancer breath samples! And they even identified early-stage cancer! Unfortunately, as with any study, it was met with some skepticism. However, experts agree that the study shows promise, although it requires further evaluation and research.

It’s plain to see that dog ownership does provide health benefits. Owning the dog clearly reduces stress levels, encourages exercise, boosts self-esteem, and increases social interaction. A dog brings lots of joy to someone’s life, and they can also reap the health benefits they bring.


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