Dog Masturbation – 9 Ways to Stop Dogs Masturbating

Dog Masturbation – 9 Ways to Stop Dogs Masturbating

Is your dog exhibiting abnormal behaviors, like masturbating, mounting and humping even after being fixed? It’s essential to understand that dog masturbation is not unusual behavior.

Although it may be uncomfortable and embarrassing to see your dog humping other animals, or items in your home, such as pillows or wadded-up blankets, dogs are sexual beings.

Some may just lick themselves.

Dog owners have to understand that this is normal dog behavior, as puppies mount their littermates. Perhaps mounting their littermates prepares them for their own sexual encounters in the future.

Did you think that your dog would stop mounting or masturbating because he was fixed (neutered or spayed)?

In many cases, it’s a learned behavior. Dogs keep doing what makes them feel good. So, they continue to lick, masturbate, or mount other dogs, objects, people, etc.

How to Stop Dog Masturbation

First of all, a neutered male dog can have an erection and even ejaculate! You can tell if your dog is sexually motivated by reading his body language. You would notice his pawing, licking, his ears up facing back, his tail up, among others.

Normal play behavior includes sexual behavior in dogs. In some cases, dogs that are under-socialized may get overly aroused during play because they just don’t know how to play appropriately.

In other cases, certain dogs masturbate to respond to exciting or stressful situations. It can also become a compulsive disorder, a bad habit, so to speak. This is especially true when a dog responds to stressful situations in this manner . Of course, dog masturbation and mounting compulsions may interfere with the normal function of the dog.

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When dogs exhibit behaviors like mounting people or other dogs, it can be a sign of dominance.

Ways to Stop Neutered Dogs from Masturbating

If you are bothered by your dog’s masturbating and mounting behaviors, distraction is one way to stop him. Keep in mind that you will likely see the flirtatious behavior displayed, which is your window to take control of the situation. Look for the following signs:

  • Panting
  • Licking
  • Pawing
  • Whining
  • Rubbing

When you notice these behaviors, this is your chance to intervene and distract him by playing a game, giving him a treat, asking him to perform a trick, etc.

What to Do When Your Dog Mounts People

If your dog mounts people follow these steps:

  • Discourage the behavior by pushing him off or at least by placing yourself in a position that does not make it easy for him to mount.
  • Say, “No!” in a firm tone.
  • Put him on a timeout. This timeout zone should be free of any toys, and he should not be playing in any way. A timeout for a dog should only last up to 3 minutes. As soon as a timeout is over, allow your dog to reenter your space and go on as though nothing ever happened.
  • Do not display any anger.
  • Should your dog trying to mount or masturbate again, repeat the above.
  • Preventative training is required to stop your dog from masturbating or mounting.
  • Start by training him to sit on cue when he’s about to start “misbehaving.”
  • Remember to give him a treat and praise him when he obeys.
  • When your dog behaves politely and has calmed down, you can also give him his favorite toy.

All the above distractions may change your dog’s motivation so that he is no longer humping or masturbating.

Why do Puppies Hump Stuffed Animals

You may have witnessed your innocent puppy humping your child’s favorite stuffed animal, and that is an important sign not to be ignored. When puppies hump stuffed animals, it could be a sign of masturbation.

If your dog seems to misbehave in stressful situations, such as those involving meeting new people or animals, then avoid such stressful situations. Stress reduction is possible by making situations happier.

For instance, if your dog is stressed when going on drives, have your dog get in the car without going anywhere. Reward him with praises and a tasty treat. Keep visits relatively short and with each day, make them longer, always with rewards.

When your dog is comfortable and exhibiting good behavior, have him get in the car and then start it, but don’t move it just yet. Repeat this step until he’s comfortable and always reward him. Baby steps can make all the difference.

Male Dog Wraps Can Stop Masturbation

You could also invest in a male dog wrap, which is a soft, washable cloth diaper wrapped around the dog’s belly, thereby covering up his privates.

A dog may become aroused for any reason – meeting new people, playing, etc. Their excitement, whatever it’s associated with, can lead to an erection.

If you are unable to stop the dog masturbation and his behavior becomes bothersome to you, or if your dog has frequent erections, mounts, humps and/or masturbates, contact an animal behaviorist in your area.

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