dog food puzzle toys

If you have dogs, then you might have the impression that they’re living the life. Now, the problem with this lifestyle is that your pets can get bored because they have nothing to do. But there is something you can do to keep your dogs active and busy. Just give them dog food puzzle toys, and you will put both their brains and muscles to work.

Dogs have no working hours, no bosses breathing down their necks, and no deadlines to meet. All they do is eat and laze around all day. And, a sedentary lifestyle (even for dogs) can lead to obesity and ill-health. 

Putting The Brain to Work to Find Food

Food puzzles come in a number of different ways. However, the result is the same. You get your dogs to exercise their minds and muscles, and they get rewarded with food. 

This smart move reduces the time for mischief and helps the dog maintain a healthy weight.

You can choose the most simple food puzzles, or you can go for the most sophisticated ones. Below are some examples of the best dog food puzzle toys. 

Homemade Challenge – Scattering Technique

This one is quite simple. Just scatter the dog treats and let the pets find it.

The Kong 

This is a toy stuffed with food treats. It is a popular and durable idea. These toys are hollow in the middle, so you can stuff them with treats, xylitol-free peanut butter, and other foods to keep dogs busy. 

Other Food Puzzle Toys for Dogs

One of the most popular options is the one developed by Nina Ottosson. Her model puts a dog’s mind to the test, and this makes it super effective.

This designer creates interactive toys and treats for pets. Her puzzles require these pets to spin discs, move blocks, and even work through layers to find food. Her toys are finally available online, so you can buy them from  

Which Dogs Benefit Most from Food Toys?

Experts have observed that not all pets are great at food puzzles. However, the dogs will definitely enjoy the entertainment.

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