dog boots

YES! Why not give your dog comfort and provide specially made dog booties to be worn, especially when he’ll be outside in the cold for an extended period? Or, booties for dogs for the hot pavement.

For a long time, people have questioned the reasoning behind dog boots. However, it does make sense to care for your dog properly.

Those exposed to frigid temperatures get just as cold as you do. It may even lead to frostbite or hypothermia when their extremities are frozen. This also extends to their ears and their toes. So, also consider coats for dogs to keep them warm.

Dog boots are an excellent way to keep your dog’s paws dry, too. When they are not directly touching the snow, they also will not freeze as quickly.

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Additionally, the dog booties will also keep his paws clean and free from pebbles and rock salt that is used in areas with cold climates to combat freezing surfaces.

Dog Booties Prevent Ice Melts to Hurt Your Dog’s Paws

According to Dr. Deborah Primovic, rock salt, and other ice melts, which are substances used to melt ice, contain sodium chloride and other chemicals. Many such products will quickly burn your lawn. Just the same, they can cause irritation to the pads of dogs paws.

Never mind what it can do when a dog ingests ice melts, which can lead to a slew of symptoms, and may even be fatal in some cases. Dogs lick their paws, and if they have stepped on ice melts, they’ll ingest some of that.

Some symptoms that come from ingesting ice melts include:

Throughout the winter, the ice melts will eventually lead to irritating the dog’s paws. The pads will gradually become dry and cracked. When this happens, it only gets worse, much like rubbing salt in a wound.

So, the best way to protect your dog from the winter woes and the ice melts is to fit him with dog booties. While some may believe that dog boots or shoes are cruel, they should think again. Dogs are not in their natural habitats and usually walk on man-made surfaces that are hard on their paws. 

And in the summertime, with extreme temperatures, the hot pavement can burn your dog’s paws — something no one wants. So, don’t leave the dog booties in the closet during the summer. Use them when it’s really hot out. 

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