Dog Abuser Caught on Camera As He Swung A Small Dog By The Leash And Slammed It On The Floor

Dog abuse is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, it is occurring far too frequently and thankfully there are people who care enough to do something about it. In this case, here is a photo of a despicable human being from Vieira, Florida who was caught swinging a small dog on a leash right up into the air and then bringing it down with force to slam it onto the floor.

His name is Joseph Pendergrass and he is 19 years old. What kind of evil exists in a human being to do such disgusting things to an innocent animal? Thankfully, Pendergrass was caught on surveillance camera and was brought to justice.

What’s worse is that Pendergrass at Barkingham Palace and the small Shih Tzu, Lily was the owner’s personal dog! Hopefully this sick human being can get some help.


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