Cost of Owning a Dog

To minimize the risk of buyers remorse, people must understand cost of owning a dog so that people are prepared in advance. Nothing can be more adorable than adopting a puppy, as they are so lovable.

However, puppies grow into adult dogs, and that comes with a slew of issues some may not have considered previously.  There are various needs and expenses associated with dog ownership.

For one thing, puppies are cute but also mischievous at times. They experience numerous growing pains, like teething, for example. A teething puppy needs to chew on items to help deal with the discomfort and pain, much like teething babies.

Chew Toys For Your Own Sake

Therefore, you must provide chew toys for your pup to discourage him from chewing and destroying your personal belongings, including shoes, slippers, furniture, and more. These are relatively inexpensive, but are a part of the cost of owning a dog.

Cost of Owning a Dog

There are few things more unpleasant than returning from work to find your expensive furniture torn to pieces.

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And, don’t forget about your Jimmy Choos — ugh, how excruciatingly painful that can be!

The Dog Crate is Everyone’s Best Friend

Avoid certain unpleasant experiences, for the most part, through being a more responsible dog owner. That starts with crating. A dog crate is your best friend, reducing the cost of dog ownership. No, it’s not cruel, so accept it.

What is cruel is punishing a dog or a puppy for behaving badly when left alone at home for hours on end.

The dog crate can be your savior in so many ways: you won’t need to replace chewed up furniture or shoes, nor will you come home to “bathroom” accidents on your carpet.

Crating your dog will be the difference between returning to an exciting and happy home with a positive vibe rather than anger and frustration.

Expected Damages

Do expect, however, some damage to wood floors, which is almost inevitable in dog ownership. Dog nails, especially large dogs, are very thick and can damage wood finishes and the wood itself. This is particularly the case for high traffic areas.

To reduce damage, consider laying an area rug in the high traffic zones of your home, such as in the hall, near the main entrance. Obviously, you don’t want to choose an expensive rug – just something that blends in with your decor, stays put, and won’t break the bank.

How to Prepare for the Cost of Owning a Dog

You’ll need the following items:

* bed
* crate
* water and food bowl
* dog food and treats
* chew toys ideal for the dog’s size
* leash and collar
* grooming brush and comb
* toothbrush and toothpaste (specifically for dogs)
* towels

Here are the extras:
* nail clippers (or prepare to have them trimmed by a professional with extra fees)
* hot water bottle (for puppies to feel as they’d be in their litter)
* blow dryer
* pet shampoo and conditioner
* conditioning spray
* ear-cleaning solution
* cotton pads or balls

Avoid Fines! Register Your Dog with the City

Soon after you bring home your pet, register him with your town or city to avoid citations and to ensure his safe return, should he get lost.

All the above items are relatively affordable and should be factored into the cost of owning a dog. But they can be expensive depending on the manufacturer, the quality, and the retailer.

You can save some money by purchasing used items or by inheriting some from close friends or family, if you’re on a budget.

Painful Visits to the Vet

Be prepared to visit the vet – it’s inevitable. Sometimes, this can put a hole in your wallet as vaccines are expensive and unavoidable.

Calculate these and all other costs before adopting your new puppy. Being prepared and fully knowledgeable eliminates any stress and avoids the possibility of breaking hearts.

Feeding Your Dog

Along with these costs is the cost of feeding your dog.

Large breeds have big appetites, while smaller breeds eat very little. If you are on a budget, then the cost of dog ownership affects you, so choose a small breed you can afford to feed the very best. Nutrition is key to a healthy and long life, and that means feeding your dog the best food possible.

Inexpensive brands are loaded with preservatives and questionable ingredients that may lead to serious health issues and conditions.

However, the better choices may cost upwards of $60 for a sizable bag so do your calculations before the adoption. This way, there are no unpleasant surprises in the cost of owning a dog.

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