There are many improvements made in every subject matter, and with regards to dog training, the same is true. In the past, many preferred choke chains and spiked collars, but that has changed. Today, the clicker training method for dogs is the best way to train a dog. In fact, there are thousands of trainers who are using this method on a regular basis.

Why Use the Clicker Training Method for Dogs?

It was originally developed to train marine animals. Now, the click and treat dog training method is available to help and motivate you when training your dog. Teaching them too much at the same time can be confusing to animals, and so it’s not recommended. If animals become confused, the desired results take longer.

clicker training method for dogs

It is essential to praise a dog when he displays good behavior. In doing so, the dog also remains motivated, and it wants to repeat his actions. However, while this is an excellent method, a dog may find it difficult to understand which behaviors bring on the praises. With the clicker training method, the confusion is a thing of the past. Instead, the dog learns quicker and with greater ease. In regular training, the trainer would use positive words like good boy, and then give him a treat. With the clicker dog training method, it is the clicker that provides the verbal praise. So, the dog knows precisely what he’s being praised for because it comes quicker than it does with traditional training methods.

Of course, a trainer or yourself would have to purchase a clicker. Clickers are widely available in pet stores and online.

The clicker dog training method can also be viewed as a secondary reinforcement. The primary reinforcement would be physical affection, food, or water. Anything a dog would want becomes the primary reinforcement. For instance, walking the dog, the leash is a secondary reinforcement. The dog knows that it’s not the leash itself walking him, but that it is the owner. However, there is a reaction that’s triggered in the dog. The result will be a pleasant walk if he reacts positively and with good behavior toward the leash. The same is true with the clicker training method. As soon as the dog hears the sound of the clicker, he knows that his good behavior will bring on the rewards. So, as a secondary reinforcement, the clicker teaches the dog boundaries and what is considered appropriate behavior, in an easy way that he can understand.

There are advantages to using the clicker training method, such as a quicker response to the behavior in comparison to a verbal praise. The clicker is capable of quickly identifying the appropriate behavior when necessary so that it can take the place of treats. Therefore, the dog is working hard to hear the clicks without expecting treats each time he shows good behavior. More so, working from a distance with the dog, it makes it easier to get the results you want.

How to Use a Clicker to Train Dogs

It’s best to start using the clicker while standing in front of the dog. Click the clicker and immediately give your dog a treat. Continue this practice session for about 20 to 30 minutes, or until you get the attention of the dog every time he hears the click. This will help him to become familiarized with the sound. As he does so, it teaches them that he’s doing something good each time he hears it. Once he is familiar with it, and you’ll know when, it’s time to add certain commands. The first ones you should start with are the sit and stay commands.

This is been one of the most simple revolutionary dog training methods that bring positive results quickly. So, be sure to use the clicker training method for dogsĀ with your dog. And, when looking for a professional trainer, choose one who is in tune with friendlier practices like this.