Click and Treat

Train Dogs Using Click and Treat Method

For over 30 years, the top method for training dogs began, called clicker training, and it took the world by storm. Tens of thousands of trainers are currently using this approach, and for very good reason – it works!

Click and Treat

Clicker training is easy for any trainer and his dog. So, it is a vital part of training a dog at home. It provides motivation and information by using a click and treat approach. So, to simplify it further, the information comes with the click, and the motivation comes with the treat.

Verbally praising a dog is excellent when the dog presents good behavior. It also gives the dog enough motivation to make it want to repeat what it just did previously. However, because it takes longer, the praise can be misunderstood by the dog. It just takes too long.

However, with clicker training where a click and a treat is used, it’s immediate. Therefore, the dog listens to the clicker and understands what behavior it is being praised for or for what it is receiving a reward.

Encouraging Good Behavior in Dogs

Click and treat works by having the dog hear the clicker, which indicates to him that he behaved well and did what his owner asked of him. When he does this, he knows some form of treat is to come. One can easily say that this is a secondary reinforcement that encourages good behavior while teaching him the essential boundaries.

click and treat

Because it is a faster response than any verbal praise, click training is an advantage to all other approaches. As soon as the right behavior has been performed, the clicker identifies it on the spot.

Plus, it removes the need for treats, which is a good thing because a dog cannot be fed treats all day long, as they can contribute to weight gain problems. This way, a dog will work without expecting a treat, but he’ll be happy knowing that he made his owner happy, and that will excite him to want to do it again.

Where to Buy a Clicker

The click training method is not a secret. All you need is a clicker, which is available anywhere these days, from brick-and-mortar pet stores or online. Another benefit with this type of dog training method is the fact that it is inexpensive costing but a few dollars.

When training your dog with the clicker, stand directly in front of him. To get him to understand what the clicker is, click it and then offer your dog a treat. Repeat this action several times so that you are confident your dog knows that the sound of the click results in a treat for him. Therefore, when he hears that clicking sound, he’ll know he deserves praise or at least that he has done something positive. At this point, you should start implementing the different commands. The most important ones for any dog are to sit and stay, so those are the right ones to begin with.

Ensure you are consistent with this dog training method to achieve the desired results.