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Dog crates are designed for certain purposes, but some new dog owners don’t know what to look for in how to choose the best dog crate for their pooch. Before taking the plunge and purchasing the first budget-friendly dog crate, learn the basics, get the facts, and then make an educated decision. If you’re still unsure which crate is best for your dog breed, ask your veterinarian.

When bringing home a dog, no matter its size, you should have a to-buy list for her. One item that tops the list is the best dog crate you can afford for her as this will teach your puppy bladder control in your quest to potty train your dog.

Quick Tip:

Don’t overuse your dog crate once the housetraining phase is completed successfully.

What to Look for When You Choose the Best Dog Crate for Your Dog

Well, this depends greatly on many factors. First, get to know what’s on the market, and in this case, there are 3 types of dog crates.

Solid Plastic Dog Crates

This type would be ideal for dogs who:

  • Love to chew a lot
  • Travel by airplane
  • Feel more comfortable, relaxed, and secure when they don’t have a 360 degree view of what goes on around them

best dog crate

Fabric Dog Crates

  • Lined with fabric, these are best for dogs who:
  • Are calm tend not to jump
  • Are more relaxed in a secure and safe environment where they don’t see all that goes on around them

choose best dog crate

This option is also best for owners who prefer a light crate they move around without difficulty.

Wire Mesh Crates

This type of crate is best for dogs who:

  • Like to know what is happening around them
  • Need ventilation in hot or humid climates

choose the best dog crate

As for wire mesh dog crates, there are both solid and collapsible types. If you need one that collapses so that you can transport it easily, make sure you check before you buy.

Buy a High-Quality Dog Crate

Whichever dog crate you buy, ensure it is build with high-quality materials. Choose a model with a good quality latch that functions with ease and will be able to contain your pet safely for years. Avoid any crates with sharp edges as they can lead to injuries to your pet. You may have to pay more for your high quality dog crate, but it is an investment that will pay for itself over the entire life of your pet. A cheaper one may have to be replaced, so you’ll end up paying more in the long run.

What is the Right Size Dog Crate for Your Dog?

For the best results, choose the size according to the full-grown size of your pet but use a divider to accommodate your puppy as she grows, which is a more economical solution. A crate mat will provide your dog with comfort. The rule of thumb with regards to the right size crate for your dog is so it has enough room to stand without bumping its head, to lay down and stretch and to be able to turn without difficulty.