Safest Puppy Treats

Giving treats incorrectly can be a grave danger to puppies. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the safest puppy treats to ensure your pooch’s health and well-being. 

If you choose the wrong size treat or even the wrong type, a serious problem or problems can develop from there.

For example, if one is too small, it may not be chewed properly by your dog. If he swallows large chunks or swallows it whole, the treat can end up lodged with in their mouth or throat, and possibly even within their lungs. The same thing can happen with treats that are too big.

Safest Puppy Treats

The Best Tips on How to Choose the Safest Puppy Treats

The most important factor to consider is the quality of the ingredients with regards to dog treats. They should be moderately low in calories and their ingredients should be unlikely to cause them any stomach upset.

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In addition to that, they should be safe and tasty for your dog. The higher-quality treats, which are also higher in price, are typically produced consistently, for better results. Therefore, steer clear of generic supermarket brands and discount products.

The best way to choose puppy treats is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. In general, these are based mostly on the body weight of the dog.

Next, ensure you monitor the manner in which your dog consumes his treats.

If he is biting off big chunks rapidly, exercise caution as these chunks may end up caught within their esophagus. If the dog eats too quickly, failing to chew the treat well, choose a snack with the crumbly texture that easily breaks apart.

The seal of approval from the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) should be clearly marked on the package. If it follows their guidelines, it will state so, proclaiming it is formulated for a specific age of dog.

Puppy Safety

Giving Your Puppy the Best Treats and Food

One of the most important factors of dog ownership is feeding your dog properly with the best nutrition. This is especially true for puppies that are growing. Buy the best quality that you can afford.

However, treats are just a snack and are in no means a replacement for nutritional food.

If your dog has a weight problem, opt for low calorie treats. Another solution can be to simply break the treats up into smaller pieces. Giving your dog half a treat can be just as good, but he gets the benefit of consuming fewer calories.

Having said all that, all treats are different and not created equally. Just as you would read the nutrition label for your family, you should do the same for your dog to give him the highest quality and safest puppy treats.

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