Looking for a good and certified professional dog trainer in your area? It can be a challenge, but not impossible. To overcome this overwhelming challenge, check out some ways to make this process easy and foolproof.

qualified professional dog trainer

How to Find a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in Your Area 

  • Word-of-mouth: A veterinarian, neighbors who own a dog, friends and family with dog ownership experience, and kennel clubs. These excellent resources can attest to the reputation of a particular dog training professional.
  • Check out their experience. For example, ask how many years they have been in business. Do a thorough background check.
  • A certified professional dog trainer shows devotion to dogs and demonstrates a genuine love for them.

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  • An expert in the field will be kept up-to-date and be extremely knowledgeable. For instance, these professionals will continuously attend behavioral courses, various workshops and seminars, and so on.
  • Watch the professional and his or her handling skills, in addition to their training methodology. Their number one concern must be the well-being of the dog.
  • Exceptional dog trainers will also be associated with various organizations and associations, as well as training clubs.

Good to Know Dog Obedience Tips

Dog training should not be a disheartening experience for your dog, nor for yourself. Instead, it should be enjoyable and positive.

  • Everyone must be in the right mood to begin training. Any command the dog obeys should be rewarded immediately.
  • Rewards can be a treat or praise. They are meant to keep the dog motivated and wanting to work for more treats, toys, or verbal praise.
  • It’s better to conduct shorter training sessions on a regular basis rather than one that is long.
  • Never punish your dog when training him. Keep in mind, as above, it should always be a positive experience. Never hit your dog nor yell at him. Do not use any negative components like electric shock or choke chains.
  • Stay cool and calm and provide the rewards no matter how small the progress.


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