A woman from Ontario, Canada spent $3,000 to import a puppy from South Korea, only to have to put it down a week after its arrival, plus $2000 in vet bills. That’s a total of $5000!

After conducting a months-long search for this specific breed online for months, Jennifer Durocher and her husband chose the toy poodle from Instagram photos they saw.

A full grown toy poodle measures no more than 10 inches in height.

The couple found an online importer who shipped toy poodles to Canada and they were told it would be shipped via airplane, in a seat, escorted by a puppy nanny.

That wasn’t the case. Instead, the toy poodle puppy was shipped in cargo.

Upon arrival, the puppy, named Teddy, seemed well, playful and loving.

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But then, things took a turn for the worst. The adorable puppy became sick and almost lifeless. Teddy weighed less than a pound!

The couple, concerned, went to the animal hospital where, after examining Teddy, they were told that there wasn’t much they could do.

And, there’s more!

Apparently, Durocher and her husband believed that the puppy was old enough to be separated from its mother. The hospital believes the pup was younger than 8 weeks old when taken from its mother.

The “breeder” gave Durocher the choice to either get another puppy or take a $2500 refund. She opted for the latter, not wanting to go through something like this again.

She also wanted to share her story warning people everywhere. The truth is, according her, that no one really knows where these dogs come from. They could be coming from South Korean puppy mills.

According to the Canadian Kennel Club, imported dogs are risky because they could be carrying diseases or viruses that we don’t have here in Canada. People are advised to choose reputable dog breeders instead.

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