Can You Walk Your Dog During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Since the new coronavirus outbreak that the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, people are wondering can dogs can get the coronavirus. And, one thing on dog owners minds is the question, “can you walk your dog during the coronavirus pandemic“?

As far as the evidence goes, dogs are safe from COVID 19. Dog owners have to maintain their dog’s health while following the recommendations that involve social distancing and quarantines.

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It’s important to note that each country has its own set of recommendations and protocols that are ever-changing. Beyond that, even municipalities have their own protocols that are changing everyday, so everyone should stay up to date with the evolving situation in their own location.

Can You Walk Your Dog During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

If you’re worried about your dog, as it stands, you don’t need to.

However, every person is at risk with regards to the coronavirus outbreak so, you must evaluate the situation before stepping outside.

For instance, if you tested positive for COVID 19, restrict contact with your dog and other pets. The reason is to avoid passing the virus on to the dog’s coat to avoid anyone else who touches the dog from getting it. Of course, if you have been exposed to the virus or tested positive for it, you must stay home in quarantine and ask someone else to walk your dog.

Keep in mind that everyone needs exercise, even in this time, including dogs. So, if you are well, continue walking your dog every day. Just be sure to follow the rules and protocols and adjust the schedule for walking your dog accordingly.

  • Remember to not touch your face.
  • Have with you a bottle of hand sanitizer to use in case you touch any surfaces, to avoid passing them on to your dog’s coat.
  • And upon returning to your home, wash your hands thoroughly.

How to Walk Your Dog Safely during the Pandemic

can you walk your dog during coronavirus pandemic

The most important thing you can do during this pandemic, when walking your dog, is to respect social distancing protocols. That means you should only walk your dog in uncrowded areas. If you live downtown, this could be challenging, although you can always choose quieter streets or change the times you go out to when it’s less busy.

Can You Play with Your Dog Outside?

If you have a fenced-in backyard, then by all means play to your heart’s content. In fact, it’s encouraged. Again, it’s still important to wash your hands when you go inside, and it’s good practice to wipe down your dog’s paws.

However, if you have to shelter in place, this may not be an option for those who don’t have a fenced backyard. In this case, try to play games inside with your dog. Keep up with the training and other fun games that will keep your dog sharp and fit.

can you walk your dog during coronavirus pandemic

Can You Take Your Dog to the Dog Park

No. Even if this was common practice in the past, it is NOT recommended as the virus can spread rapidly at dog parks, especially if there are others there.

Dogs may come into physical contact with other dogs who have been touched by people who may have the virus. If other the dog had the virus on his coat and somehow touched your dog, then your dog could possibly have the virus on his coat. Then, all it would take to transmit the virus to your or your family is to pet your dog.

Armed with this knowledge and being up to date with your local regulations, you can safely walk your dog during the coronavirus.

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